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  1. I cant watch this peter , thats my driver the m1 10.5 . I struggled badly messing with lofts and face angles and eventually just set it to suit my eye ( where it looked friendly) i love that club now .
    Ive hit it indoors and numbers are great , i think theres a lot to be said for letting your eyes decide .

  2. I have a r560(or 580 can’t remember) from 2003. Will buying a brand new driver really help me slicing and topping? Prolly not.

    Point is, don’t buy a new driver just because a vid tells you to!

  3. I had to have wrist surgery this year and bought a 12* Paradym to try out since my normal 10* was launching lower than normal. Has been a revelation. Averaging 14-15*/2200 and have picked up about 10-15 yds of carry straight away.

  4. Hey Pete, I’m currently in the market for a “new” driver, I have it down to the 2017 M2 or the 2018 Callaway Rogue. What would you go with if you had to choose one of the two? I really like the M2 but recently used my buddies Rogue for a round and fell in love with it as well so now I’m torn

  5. I have a Nike Vapor fly that was handed down to me. The original owner had some miss hits and caused a few dents and cracks. How much is that effecting my balls flight path?

  6. I retired last year and am getting back into golf after a 35 year hiatus. (I got into sailing in the 1980's and who would golf on a good sailing day? Answer: sore and tired senior citizens . . . like me now). Anyway, my driver is a Taylor Made 1 Burner of mid 1980ish age. About 1/3 the size of the modern drivers I see about. But your video got me thinking about a Taylor Made 300 Mini Driver or a Callaway Fusion. Might just be the help I need at this point.

  7. Loved this. I've been playing with Donnay clubs (I know) for the past 3 years after picking up some clubs from a relative. They must be about 25 years old but they're still in good condition. I'm really tempted by the Callaway GBB Epic.

  8. Great to see a review of recent rather than latest models. My thoughts are that since they've all maxed out COR nearly 10 years ago, all they can do now is improve forgiveness and play w spin. With new drivers at 600+ I usually wait to buy a driver thats 1 or 2 models prior, at a great price (currently Cal Epic Max (picked up for $130 in 2022)). I try the latest stuff but won't replace a club unless I can see an improvement on a launch monitor, which is getting harder to do. I don't have a brand loyalty and have 5 brands in the bag. Now, how about a video like this with irons? Mine are 8 yrs old and I can't find anything that outperforms them.

  9. With drivers going up to the limits the most important factor is now fit. You can get the newest trickest driver and it will not compete with a few years old driver that fits you. Know your specs…

  10. Great videos Peter.
    MINE IS MAVRIK SUB ZERO . Best drives before were 230 to 240 yds now in summer 285 to 290 plus but not yet 300 yds. set at D +1 on 9° driver high ball flight, is best in summer winter -1 D

  11. Thank you so much for this video! I finally got to test and buy my first "fitted" driver and I'm super excited to hit my Nike Covert 2.0 this season!

  12. No Club Suits my Game but I dont spend much Money in Golf Equipment yet xD i need Like 4 Baseball bats a season, so thats where my Money goes. but I Hit my old titleist 913 d3 315 yds on AVG xD so i think its okay

  13. Happy Xmas I have just purchased the Mizuno STZ At 40% off the list price it’s a steal. At 61 I’m only hitting 240 yards max but my stats are 50% fairway hits so it’s time to improve I will still use a stiff shaft and set at 10.5 degrees as per my old Mizuno. Keep the videos coming Thanks Rob J

  14. Using the Cobra Speedzone Extreme 10.5 dialed back to 9.5 with an aftermarket shaft V.A. Composite Raijin Senior shaft ( I'm old ) that give me a sweet consistent fade. I have my trusty Cobra f8 head for a backup should I need one. Good video Pete, PS I play with several guys that will never give up their M2 driver, so far anyway.

  15. I bought a Ts3 with a stiff Evenflow shaft in it and we didn’t get along. It felt heavy and I lost everything to the right. Granted they went a long way but couldn’t get the ball to turn over. I now game a PXG 0811 xf with a stiff hazardous yellow in it and can hit that baby draw if been searching for. With little if any lost distance

  16. 300 mini is the best driver I have ever used. I play my 11.5° @ 9.5° and just stripe them down the fairway as far as any other driver I have used.

    For reference:
    Swing speed: 110-115
    Ball speed: 165-170
    Total Distance: 290-310
    Fairways: 70% (was maybe 20-30% before at most with multiple 460cc drivers)

  17. I upgraded last season to an LTDx LS from an old Nike Sumo. I didn't get fitted for it but felt like I knew my numbers well enough to make an educated guess on the shaft. The good news is that I'm driving it 15 yards longer on average. What I was really surprised with was how much ball speed is retained on off-center hits compared to the old driver.

    Of course, now I'm planning on taking it in to try some different shafts. I'm very happy with it but think that I might have it a little too stiff for my swing speed.

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