25 thoughts on “Try holding your putter like this!

  1. My putter is small enough that I can 1 hand it, feels good. My wife’s hands are small and when she 1 hands my putter it looks gigantic. So she uses 2 handed reverse hold which feels great, always successful ????

  2. Left hand down makes a ton of sense as a right handed golfer. It’s awkward at first but keeps me from flexing my wrist at impact

  3. I hold my putter like an upside down lacrosse goalie grip. It allows my to rely on my right hand for power under control while my left hand keeps my stroke on plane

  4. Hey Golf community, would love if you could tell me, is my putting grip legal,
    I started using it about a year and half ago when my putting was just going terribly and had tried a bunch of different grip types, but none were helping, so I just kind of started doing it this way one day and have found that it has improved my putting dramatically.
    That said I haven't seen anyone else that uses the grip I use and have been told multiple times now by playing partners that it is very unique, and one wondered if it is a legal grip, which I couldn't answer, so thought I would ask some people that might know so I can answer properly next time, Anyways I recorded it last time I played, hope you can check the link and let me know.

  5. I use a modified claw. My left hand is palm out so I get no wrist flex and my right is the claw. I still suck at putting, but I suck slightly less than I did.

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