Cleveland Classic XL Custom Driver

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Cleveland Classic XL Custom Driver reviewed by Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru and PGA professional. Mark Crossfield hits the Cleveland Classic XL Custom driver from Cleveland golf and talks about this deep headed golf driver. See if this low spinning golf driver could help you hit the golf ball longer as well as hitting more fairways. Play your best golf with the best golf equipment.


Christian Williams says:

I hit this driver with a bimatrix and its over every time, and almost
impossible to not hit straight. I suggest everyone try this combo and the
bimatrix prototype is the real deal but it plays stiff and I think most
people get to stiff and then say it feels boardy. It actually has the most
feel I have ever had in a shaft and I’ve played it on four driver heads.
The cleveland xl , the Fister model 1 which is amazing also if you have a
higher saying speed, mizzy850, mizzy 001 

Lesmc1of3 says:

In the past year I’ve had TM rbz2, Jetspeed, X hot and Big Bertha drivers.
Sold each of them after a while cos nothing is as consistent for me as my
lovely XL Custom from Cleveland.

Derek Shorrock says:

Own this driver the best I have ever had in fact every club in my bag is
Cleveland bar the putter
They are the most underrated clubs in the UK

Ben Norris says:

Whoa! The weather is looking very Tim Burton for this one.

Dan Todd says:

No surprise there golfsports 2013, the sumo was the worst club Nike ever
made. All ting no ding.

Dan Todd says:

Pulled a couple of my vokeys out of the bag and replaced with Cleveland.
Love them so accurate. Have the 270xl really good stick.

Steve schadeck says:

Loved it so much, I bought two. Have the matrix black tie shaft. Used to
play titleist–will play these for quite some time.

ringwood1000 says:

i love this driver looks great and performs so well, this will be in the
bag for sometime

Dtyler171 says:

So if I were to buy the 7.5 degree driver, how much down would the loft go?
Would it also close the face, or is there an option to keep it neutral and
reduce loft?
I can’t find any information on changing the loft on this driver. 

Simeon Pritchard says:

Roger Cleveland’s brand and image was built around making modern golf clubs
with the ethos of the classics. I have a set of Cleveland Tour Action
blades and those things are old school as, pure blades. Keen to try this
driver for sure, especially at the current prices.

paulyhb says:

I currently use a R11 driver and get to much height on my drives, was
wondering if this driver will lower my flight as you state in your review.
Now these are coming down in price it seems to be a win, win driver for the

Matt Stacy says:

I own this club. Love it!

Mark Crossfield says:

Cleveland classic xl driver review. Mark Crossfield

Mark Crossfield says:

Who has hit this driver yet. 

Dante Shaw says:

I hit this club at the golf show and really like the sound

mark moonlight says:

Mark These are the most under rated clubs ever. There Wedges are
Legendary.The irons are Great and the Drivers are among the Best on tour.
Just check out the number on Tracman. The new drivers are so easy to hit
straight and LONNG.

21gatorguy says:


dustin8538 says:

check out his previous videos, he did a WITB few months ago

morgan price says:

I use the Cleveland classic 310 in a 9 degree with stiff shaft and its a
lovely driver, nice mid ball flight lots of run on it.

superscootkid says:

gorilla james should hit it.

steve andreano says:

I use the original cleveland classic and I love it. Btw I’m an American

hummingfish says:

I agree that the badge looks cheap.

Judge Smails says:

Crikey – It looks like the end-of-days over there! I LOVED the look of last
year’s model… didn’t last two rounds in my bag. It was great if you like
’em low and left. It felt like anything I hit in the center of the face was
an accident. However, everyone seems to be in love with this year’s model.
Horses for courses…

James Hayes says:


g6923 says:

I had the Cleveland classic. Found the shaft way too light. Didn’t wanna
play the swap shafts game. Found the head a little unforgiving

Sgt Pepper says:

Wish this crap weather would just go away now,so depressing

PA Fritz says:

Hey mark, love your videos. Are there going to be any putter reviews in the
future? I just got the Nike Method Core 4 and I love it but I’d like to
here what you have to say about it. Thanks

Alec Johnson says:

Yes finally

Zach Harney says:

Love the look of it. Love deep faces on drivers. The hosel adjustment is a
little behind most other companys, except callaway maybe . Srixon had a
driver before that you needed an iphone app to decipher…. Cleveland needs
to get it in gear in this department. Not everyone wants their driver to be
too open or too closed just because they wanna change the loft.

JAG sixtyfive says:

Oh, and the Miyazaki B.Asha 4 Black comes as a stock shaft too.

hertsman10 says:

Was there a mustard cloud over devon today?

hallbergrentals says:

Mark, can you please tell me whether you were hitting he JDL6 or the Matrix
Black Tie Shaft? I’ve watched this video repeatedly and cannot make out
which shaft is on the club. Thanks Much!

gbvoul says:

is it called the Extra Large, or XL?

Jin C says:

I was surprised by how great it sounds and how well it performed for you,
could be a sleeper hit amongst all the new 2013 offerings!

ND Hickman says:

Hey Mark, could you possibly review last years Cleveland Classic?

Leo Hong says:

Hi Mark, what shaft was on the driver which you tested? There were 3
options for the stock shaft in this driver. I want to know which one is the
best cheers

gymflake says:

I also have the 290 in 10.5 and the feel of it is like hitting a persimmon
wood driver. Not many of you would know what that was like but it’s like
hitting someone straight in the chest as hard as you can! SOLID feel and a
solid sound. I would like for you to compare the Cleveland Classic (easier
to say and non adjustable) to the CC XL Custom for feel and performance?
This is the BEST Reviewer and instructor bar none.

jtpopetx says:

One other point on set up, I’m an 8 on a good day 15 in a bad one, and I
play TM MB blades.. Also really like this driver for reasonable size head
and workability.. Looks great to me at address

Leo Hong says:

Thanks! I am a 4 handicap. I heard that this club has the lowest spin rate
out of other drivers. Did it keep your ball flight down?

Alex Allbut says:

Hi mark just thought if let you know that u have a 9.0 degree not 9.5
that’s why it was going lower 🙂 cheers

Landrysgolf says:

You need to do a review on the cobra amp cell fairway woods @4golfonline

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