Cleveland LAUNCHER XL Driver Review

The Cleveland Launcher is back and this time it's packed with more technology and adjustability than previous models. See how it performs in its stock configuration and with some tweaks of the settings!

0:00 // Intro
3:28 // Stock 10.5º Testing
6:31 // Adjusted Hosel Setting
9:45 // Conclusions

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Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada

12 thoughts on “Cleveland LAUNCHER XL Driver Review

  1. This is one of the best drivers out there right now for anything low to high handicappers. I bought this driver a couple months ago and I hit this thing further and straighter on my mis-hits than I do with my old driver on clean hits.

  2. i bought a 2011 cleveland launcher 310 driver brand new for £49 plus free P&P, what a club super long and so hard to slice keeps the balls going straight no matter where you hit it off the face, going to be in my bag for a long time

  3. Been playing this Cleveland Launcher XL for a couple of months and after messing with the loft I can hit some nice looking drives pretty consistently. As a roughly 18 handicap player that's all I can ask for.

  4. I've been a Cleveland stalwart since 2003/4, I've had the original launcher drivers, 400,460, 460 Comp, Hibore, Hibore Xl, SL290, TL310, Cleveland Classic, Classic XL, and XL custom…. I've hit some booming drives with the Launcher Comp and Classic Custom XL, they're very underrated drivers, I've driven 380yd par 4's at my club and that's no BS, I love Cleveland and always will!!?? Only downside is they don't make players irons any more so I had to get a set of Mizuno blades, and they're great as well!!

  5. Where is the website for the U.S. and do they actually have people to speak with about making sure of what I'm buying. Just too many options out there with cleveland but I use launcher irons and they changed my game 100%. I like playing again.

  6. I bought the Cleveland Launcher XL lite 3 weeks ago after watching this video. It is a very forgiving driver and i still get my average distance on the off center hits.
    Just like when Matt said he hit it off the heal but it still got distance, I'm seeing the same thing. I'm astonished with how straight I'm hitting the ball with this club.
    Thanks for the great review on a great product.

  7. What driver would be recommended then to get a flatter ball flight? I definitely don't need more launch, I need to work on my distance. Any suggestions to start my search?

  8. I am still swinging the Cleveland HiBore XL. I Love the look of the top of that driver head!
    I have bought a few high end driver since then trying to upgrade and always go back to my hibore. Could have to do with the shaft in it also though.

  9. I thought flat or upright meant how the club head sat on the ground at address. In the graphic it shows flat as shaft angle toward the ground.

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