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Mark Crossfield is testing the new Cleveland XL drivers from Cleveland golf and asking why are we paying so much for our golf drivers? With golf equipment prices going through the roof the Cleveland golf XL drivers ask a very interesting question and one that golf doesn't really like dealing with. The new Xl drivers from Cleveland come in 3 heads the Xl with changeable neck the XL lite and the XL Lite draw offering full fitting options for so many different golfers and coming in under £300 can this golf driver really perform as well as a £450 Callaway, TaylorMade and other such drivers?

Mark asks you to comment on how much you paid for your last driver and also if you think golf equipment especially drivers are too expensive again posing the question why are we paying so much for our golf clubs and golf drivers?

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Marc Schultz says:

I’m gaming the Cleveland launcher turbo like you, and I came from a pro fitted Ping G-30. The turbo was just better for me, longer, straighter, and more forgiving. It’s going to take a lot for me to ever change. The turbo has eliminated my right miss. So never say never but the turbo is an excellent gift to my game. 9 handicap.

Jim M says:

Cleveland makes great clubs. Every bit as good as the bigger names. I won't buy this driver only because I don't like the sound, but I'm still gaming a Cleveland Classic from 10 years ago or so. I've tried the new ones from all brands in the simulators and the differences from my old one aren't enough for me to put out crazy money for a new one. Even the Cleveland prices are ridiculous and they're cheap by comparison.

Dennis Hough says:

Nice to be paid by Srixon as it's a fantastic brand nothing not to like.

noonster55 says:

I like the old better, can't find a nice one, only beat up ones.

kevin key says:

Just bought an xr16 in my specs and grip for $10!!! I don't believe you have to pay a lot of money but you do got to go to a garage sale every now and again to find bargains! I know a guy who got a similar deal on a Scotty Cameron in mint condition!

Karl Dann says:

Love look of cleveland

Mark Rist says:


Mark Rist says:

Too much corporate greed! The cost to make this (any) driver is about $50 in materials. I always buy USED, LIKE MY CARS (SAME REASONING).


Also I don't like spending more than $350 on a Driver


I'm still rocking the Cleveland Hibore XL Driver and I absolutely love that driver. It'll be really hard for me to switch to a new driver but I'm pretty much sold on being a Cleveland driver owner for life.

Paul Summerside says:

Personally I don’t think a driver should cost much more than £200 to £250 quid

GONADSable says:

Always like Cleveland products
I still game the launcher SL 290 driver with miayazki c Kua shaft and the fl launcher fairway3 wood
Could you please tell me your thoughts on weights in grip end
As l Have been interested in buying Tour lock pro counterweight system for all my clubs .What is your opinion
Thanks again for all your testing and reviews .Graham

Paul Davies says:

So, Mark Crossfield says he's paid by Srixon. For the record Srixon and Cleveland Golf are both owned by the same parent company and the 2 businesses were consolidated about 15 years back. There's an undisclosed conflict of interest there, which is sneaky. By the way I own a Cleveland Launcher XL and it's a good club so I'm happy to endorse it after buying it recently.

Ed Robinson says:

Had the new Cleveland XL Launcher for about a month. Never hit a driver more consistently or longer. Changed my game . Already 2 shots off my handicap which is now 9. Amazing club. Very surprised more fuss is not made of it. Maybe big manufacturers are jealous because of the performance and price.

Grigoris Amvrazis says:

I bought my last driver last year both I tested head-to-head the Titleist TS3 vs TSI 3. They had the same Shaft and the same loft. There was only 1 mph difference. No difference in the distance but the older one costs only €350 and the new one way over €500. I think that the borders of developing are reached so there is no point on spending your money in new stuff.

Jack Warren says:

Seems like light weight drivers do not provide the distance increases that are being suggested by the club manufactures

Gator Golf USA 🇺🇸 says:


Kym Stock says:

I just sold my 12 degree Launcher HB Turbo. It was a good driver and when I bought it I was in need of the 12 degrees and slightly draw biased Driver. As I improved I was getting too high a ball flight and possibly too much spin. I bought the new XL Launcher Driver ( adjustable/ set at 10.5) and I have gained about 10m distance and it is more forgiving of off centre hits. The stores in Oz are already discounting them= bargain.

Bennie Waldron says:

Love your honesty in testing/. I am slowly becoming a total Cleveland bag, especially the irons and just purchased a used HB Launcher driver and so far it is very forgiving.

rochelle stanley says:

The Cleveland Launcher Turbo is a great driver 🏌️‍♂️⛳️

Johnny Westall-Eyre says:

Hi Mark. Generally love your videos as you are so realistic and honest! Us amateur thrashers need the encouragement you give us and all the tech is never going to make a crap slicer into Tiger. I’ve had a Cobra F9 for a couple of years, paid £129 second hand for it and it’s been good. Inconsistency is the killer and I’m seriously tempted to flog it and get the XL as I’m now a total Cleveland convert. Come over from my F9 irons and Rad hybrids to Cleveland Launcher (I’m off 4 btw – Launchers just make golf more FUN!) irons CNX2 wedges and a Smart Sole. Yes I’m off 4. I don’t want to shape it. I want it to go straight. The XL driver is going to be tested as I properly want one. Cheers mark. Happy New Year

Wayne Hankinson says:

I'd straight away Get rid of the Grip & fit Jumbo Max…..how would that little weight go Mark?

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