In Depth on Launcher XL HALO Fairway Woods | Cleveland Golf

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Welcome to the club with the Launcher XL HALO Fairway Woods. Learn more about how these fairway woods make golf easier for you. The Launcher XL HALO Fairway Woods are easy to hit and travel far to make your hardest golf shots easier.



Scott Kramer says:

I picked up a 3 and a 5 wood a week ago. Two rounds in and I could not be happier! These halo fairway woods are what I've been missing in my game. Those glide rails at first, I thought might be kind of gimmicky, but I'll be damned if I'm not crushing the ball off the fairway. I've even had success from the first cut just off the fairway in a little taller grass. I'm a believer. And what's best is that I saved a ton of money by not buying one of the bigger named brands.

Jamie Chihuan says:

I have the old version and I am picking this one up tomorrow. I can hit my woods off the ground but the rails should still improve my shots

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