Cleveland RTX-3 Wedges

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MrStuartplummer says:

they are no bigger, except the top line is fatter and makes the whole club look bigger

Murray FitzDavie says:

Good review (as usual). Just about to replace my aged wedges with these but wondered if high loft/low bounce (60/6) would be a good combo for thin sand/hard pan bunkers? Regards.

anders larsson says:

3 of those will be in my bag

golfbuddy1969 says:

I haven't played Cleveland wedges in years, but moving the center of gravity away from the hosel, is about as cutting-edge as you can get, in wedge design. Really cool.

OOT Golf says:

Sorry Mark, missed most of that because I was gazing at that lovely flag behind you. #scotland #bewildered

metamurph says:

I loved hearing a bit more from the Srixon guy about what they have done. I am intrigued by these. I have a few Cleveland wedges in my wedge collection but use mostly Vokey's now and I love the feel and control on SM6 wedges. Certainly want to give them a run. It is good seeing all the major wedge guys trying to do things to mix it up be it Callaway (the "real Cleveland") with the PM build, Vokey on SM6, Ping was first with different grooves based on loft, and all that is going on here. I like the tour raw finish.

MrWojtok says:

I prefer silver finish, now I got black satin wedges and after year of playing they look terrible in my opinion. Next set of wedges wedges definitely satin and of course like last 2 sets Cleveland.

Greasby1golf says:

Getting fed up with all this techno sh£te, every club manufacturer is doing something and it's all different from each other with all of them telling us that there's works and the others don't. How on earth did the likes of Player, Nicklaus, Palmer, Seve, Faldo get around those courses with blades, wooden drivers and balata balls.

Zach says:

Rotex 2s had best spin but only shanked those clubs and those clubs only. Never knew about COG being on heel which makes sense for shanks. Definitely try those out

Christopher Whitehead says:

I have Cleveland wedges 52 edge and 50 deg , bent to 49 by my fitter, Nick Hibbs. Lovely . Really lovely. Only one I've tried that I didn't like is the HUGE 60 deg ; 10 bounce Mackdaddy PM grind wedge. The huge bounce made it very difficult to get a clean strike on the tight links courses I play. Good on lush grass, sand and rough though.

Darren Grange says:

Dark wedge. Looks great and no glare.

Adam Flynn says:

prefer the satin finish…why…cuz i do and i think they look better as they wear

TheGulbisfan says:

Beautiful wedges, definitely will be my next wedges after my MD2's are done.

ThisLadWayne says:

I would love cleveland wedges. Im going to get a 60 but cant decide on the second degree.. Pw is my next..

Douglas Stoner says:

Those sound really nice.

Sodthong says:

Bang bang bang…

Vici Martynov says:

Hmmmm whenever i hear techno rubbish explanations like this I cease to take a manufacturer seriously; its an immediate off put. Will stick with more traditional firms like Mizuno and Callaway who generally know what they are talking about.

Mike Eastridge says:

I have the black satin cleveland wedges 58 and 52 deg best feeling wedges I have ever used.

Brutus ofTroy says:

I need a new wedge, mine are great off the turf but my flange is too big!(wipe that silly smirk off ya face) Struggling to splash shots out of bunkers without knifing them.

Geoff Coombs says:

i prefer the black Cleveland wedges, I use an Cleveland old tour action 900 56 degree in black and i love it

ilybohoe says:

Was so excited for these to come out so I could finally grab a set of 2.0's at half price!!

Peter Scuba says:

Centre of whatsit moving away from heal nearer to toe. Won't suit me then, commonly between heal and centre

Cam Ehly says:

rtx 3 vs rtx 2.0 comparison?

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