Cody Barden- Importance of a Square Club Face Position

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whetedge says:

@brownnsbass The motion described in this video is the purest, simplest motion you can make. There is compensation for nothing. Swinging the club face square to it's arc of travel is the easiest way for accuracy and power.

sonicdeviant says:

Absolutely! Amen!

brownnsbass says:

there is no significance to any position as the golf swing is one motion. This video is a compensation for a bad motion. The worse your motion, the more compensations you have to make and think about.

TheNYgolfer says:

It amazes me how many so called "teaching professionals" will call that clubface position "closed" ..AND then have the nerve to charge you $100/hour.Cody correctly calls it "square" .Ben Hogan said it best in his book (5lessons) , and I'm paraphrasing, "the problem with the average golfer is NOT that he doesn't have the ABILITY but that he doesn't have the proper knowledge".Many teachers are to blame for this.Flat left wrist bent right wrist at impact is a MUST!! This video helps you get there

noneofyourbiz1 says:

excellent. it really helped me square the face

alanwilliamson35 says:

this is totally irrelevant if you have a poor grip.

DeanC says:

this is great advice.

Howard - x says:

Do you have a video on club head release?

stevebee92653 says:

Thanks! I have been a 12'er, which is what I was taught. I can't wait to give this a try.

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