Golf Draw Drills | How the Proper Swing Path and Club Face Alignment Can Help You Curve Your Ball

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Ted Norby, Director of Instruction for the National University Golf Academy, explains how to curve your golf ball. To discuss this golf tip with other golfers and share your own, leave a comment below. We look forward to your feedback.


My name's Ted Norby, Director of Instruction for the National University Golf Academy. A lot of players, once they start becoming a little more proficient and start playing a little bit better golf start asking:

1. “How do I curve the ball?”
2.”How do I get it to go right to left?

Now the theory behind it, we've all heard. It's path versus club face. If the club face is a little closed in relation to the path, it will start curving right to left. That's the draw for the right-handed. For those that want to fade it around a tree, I've got to get the club face slightly open or to the right of the path, which is going a little bit left. We all know that we can set up clubs and we can do all sorts of stuff to start feeling that. But there's a point where I've got to practice hitting that shot; and the easiest way to visualize it, is to set up a little gate to the right of my target line. So, as I've sided out in front right here, club head going straight out to that big tree, I've got a stick right in the way. I've got to start it out to that right through that gate and get it to curve back to that tree; lot of different ways to do that:

I can line up a little bit more right and close the club face; I can stay square with my alignment and just get the club to swing out and release. Doesn't really matter, but what you've got to do is feel the path and the club face. So what I'm going to do here, and yes I'm lined up right over that alignment aid right through that stick, to that big tree in the distance; but now I've got to get my path to go out to the right with the toe of the club turning over. And if you can start visualizing this, you can start doing it on the golf course. Pick your target line. I want to start it a little bit right of that, and hit a shot. So hit it through the gate to the right of your target line and get it to curve back. Now I can start curving it around those trees to get to those pins on the left side of the green.


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6 thoughts on “Golf Draw Drills | How the Proper Swing Path and Club Face Alignment Can Help You Curve Your Ball

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  4. I like swing. My problem is I take to club too inside and on the way down it gets more inside either hooking hard or push fade. When I take it outside, it just feels strange. What are you feeling on your swing, just arms? I've tried everything, shoulder turn, all arms, lesson ; still same problem.

  5. Hello CaptainAndrewWiggins. The clubface is controlled by a good grip in connection with good wrist and arm motion. Swing plane also affects how we use our arms and hands through the ball. Ultimately, the best players don’t “make” the club head and club face “do” anything. They want to “feel” the club face in relation to the path and arc that the club is swinging on so that they do not have to manipulate it through impact. Start with a good grip!

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