Golf Tips : How to Set Your Golf Club Behind the Ball

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When setting the golf club behind the ball, it is important to align the face of the club with the ball squarely to achieve the best shot possible. Learn to set your golf club properly with advice from an experienced golf instructor in this free video on golf swings.

Expert: Conan Elliott
Bio: Conan Elliott has been the director of instruction at Camas Meadows Golf Club since January 2004. He has been teaching for more than 30 years, and truly is a “teacher of champions.”
Filmmaker: Lisa Fenderson

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Brian 716 says:

More people need to see this. I had that problem when I started. Its not common knowledge. Great video 100 thumbs up.

George Clark says:

Why have I NEVER seen this mentioned anywhere before now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enlightened

andreas russ says:

Thank you, this helped a lot… you think it is simple but guess this explanation missing in the “get rid of slice videos”

Huy Nguyen says:

how about for a hybrid and/or faiway wood?

Beef Supreme says:

Your microphone is to close to your heavy breathing mouth

James White says:

Good stuff thanks

scotty TIEPILOT57 says:

I had a “holysh*t” moment about how the driver head should sit

Adrian Leman says:

Great advice.

Paddy's Bricks says:

Yes great advice! I’ve tried this and it works great!

Adrian Leman says:

Great advice,helped alot.

Chad Thornbro says:

they should design an iron to sit like the woods do.

eddie brown says:

Hope this helps me stop missing left sometimes….thanks for this simple but overlooked tip!

dhenline623 says:

This video was very informative and helpful!

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