6 thoughts on “Coil vs Turn in golf swing – clearing up misconception

  1. I have adopted your / Jimmy Ballard swing concepts, and have greatly improved my ball striking and scores. That said, could you do a video on what it means to get the club behind you versus in front of you? Also, what types of shots result in getting the club behind you. Thanks a bunch for improving my game!

  2. I    forgot  to  ad  ,,,,,  I  never  feel  the  stretch  in  my back inner  thigh like  I used to . that  was  important for  me

  3. Hi , I  am  struggling with this  exact  issue and  also ball striking ,,,,  I have  become  to  handsy ,,,,,, so I  got  a  lesson on a  takeaway  and  full back swing ,,,,,,,,,,  you  look  like  your  swaying  a lot  off the  ball  ,  I mean  your  spine angle , can  I ask  if  that  is  ok ?
    or  should I go  to  the  ranger and  turn  tighter ,  it  feels  like  my  backswing is  severely  restricted so  then  I become  fast  and  incomplete  .  ty  any  help would  be  nice

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