4 thoughts on “Golf Tips Magazine-Coil for Power

  1. Indeed, I can agree that there are two categories of Longdrivers; Pure Drivers, and Playing Drivers – but both need to be able to hit the ball consistently. If you can give 100% in LD competition, and give 85% in golf and still drive 320 yds – you are more often that not i a good attack position. But still, you need to putt it into the hole – and that's another story 😉

  2. I would like to comment on your clearly moronic shit! first off I have had the pleasure of meeting and playing multiple rounds with fellow Canadian Jason Zuback and for your own knowledge he has a 2 handicap! enough said!! yes he hits the ball a long way and has a full swing but how times have you seen Tiger swing with a 9 iron like he does with his driver? go learn to play the game. thanks!

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