Golf Backswing Coil (How To Feel It)

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In this tip, I give you a way to get a quiet lower body in the backswing. Quiet just means it is not moving excessively. Too many people move way to much as the go back. If so, you don't create the necessary torque in your swing to use the body as the power source.

If you don't have your body coiled up you need to find another way to hit the ball. That other way is with you arms which is not a powerful, effortless golf swing.

So watch this tip. Learn the feelings of coiling in the backswing. Then see this coil as the other power source. Get this and can finally stop trying to hit with your arms.

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15 thoughts on “GOLF BACKSWING COIL (How To Feel It)

  1. Hi Paul
    Just come across this, I practiced this movement a few times and straight away I realised how much I was turning my hips, will be trying this next game.Tried other web sites ,I keep coming back to yours,explanations so easy to understand, and they work. Many thanks from the UK

  2. Mr. Wilson you are the Fucken Man!!! I was giving up on my driver I gave up my driver that I bought a 2 iron. But I watched this video and others I went to the range with your tips I was so impressed damn it you put the driver back in my bag!!! I’m going to Vegas to thank you. I told my wife what I wanted to go thank you and she shut me down. Thank you

  3. …don’t believe all those other golf coaches on YouTube who say if you keep your hips tight you will come over the top…that’s true if you come down with your arms…but if you use your hips as first move ( power source like Paul says ) your shaft will shallow and never come over the top…it’s just that the other coaches teach different systems, and use disinformation unintentionally…

  4. If you coil like you’re in a cylinder, I tend to bring the club more to the inside to get tightness. My pro says I should push the club straight back?? This doesn’t give the tight feeling. Is bringing the club more to the inside ok with you?

  5. I have found that putting a club, or around the house a small wooden pole, behind your back and through both elbows me the exact feeling a tight coil. The hips can only turn so far and you can also work on your shoulder turn with this practice drill. This drill shows me that I need to improve my flexibility. 1/4 turn hips and you can feel the tightness.

  6. I’m 75, and having played this swing since Swing Machine Golf came out in 2007 or so, I can testify that the proper coil is critical to making this swing work for you. As I got into my 70’s and lost some flexibility, my tendency was to let my hips turn more going back so I could make a full backswing. By lifting my front heel and letting my hips turn nearly as much as my shoulders, I could make a nice, full backswing. Problem is, from there I had no coil to uncoil from. I had no distance, no consistency, my golf game went squarely into the toilet. After fighting that for a few years, I had an “aha” moment and saw the problem for what it was – failure to keep my lower body stable in the backswing. My solution? A shorter backswing! I found that with what feels like a half or 3/4 backswing, I can have minimal hip turn with a tight coil that feels like it should feel. Even with the shorter backswing, with that tight coil I can fire the lower body and whip the arms/club unit through impact with nearly the same club head speed as I did 10 years ago. To those of you working on this swing, do NOT get lazy and allow your hips to turn too much in the backswing. You need that tight coil; it is a crucial element in the swing that Paul teaches.

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