CORRECT order of sequencing in your GOLF SWING

What moves in your golf swing and the order of what moves when, is crucial to get correct if you want a reliable and repeatable golf swing. Body, arms and club must move in the right order to deliver the club head to the golf ball optimally through impact. This video shows you the correct sequencing of movement to achieve for a great strike and maximum golf swing power.

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13 thoughts on “CORRECT order of sequencing in your GOLF SWING

  1. Different feels for different people I suppose. As someone who struggled with early body turn and a flat swing with late arm lift and across the top, I have to feel the clubhead go first and the body pulled by the club and arms. Its like magic to get on plane and shallow the club

  2. Really helpful and simple to understand tips. Just returning to the sport after lengthy absence. Already experiencing improvements in swing, technique and accuracy.
    Cheers Greg

  3. I do a practice drill with cockiing the wrists first so the club is parallel to the ground without turning the body, then do the body turn, basically mirroring the downswing. It seems to help getting a full back swing as the momentum of the club head swings up early, and help the muscle memory for downswing as the backswing motion is reversed.

  4. Core rotation to initiate the backswing is fundamental and relatively easy as it is slow(ish)- setting my hips back to square the split second before iniiating the downswing allowing my clubhead to drop on plane and square at impact – now that is another story – I'm still working on your downswing sequence. Keep the great tips coming – thanks

  5. John Your over the top and the start of the golf swing video, is  fantastic, and has helped me in a lot of ways. Which one
    of your videos would you use for the help on the down swing? Your a Ace professional fantastic fantastic

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