12 thoughts on “Malaska — Training The Full Swing In A Sequence

  1. I like his ideas and think he’s great but don’t care for his analogies at all. They don’t help and are distracting. He says I don’t want to trash other ideas but, then he does it. Just show us what u think is good and forget about the other stuff.

  2. Thanks Mike!!! I have made great strides by adhering to your principles. The lessons on getting rid of tension and role of the wrist have really resonated with me. I have been going to the range and practice ing using some of the drills you have presented and wow!

  3. Mike incredible you are ,, I don't care who taught you o bet they can't explain it like you ,, your the real deal no doubt about it ,, I'm proof if you ever want to see a golfer with two years experience hit a ball email me and ill send you my video from watching you Mike and thsts no bull shit ,, ty Mike becarful who you listen to about the mechanics of the human body,,period.

  4. Hi Mike: I have been trying to hit a draw, and I find the only way I can do it is by dropping my rear foot back about 8 in. It looks like I’m aiming way off to the right, but then I can produce a draw about 70% of the time. ??

  5. I would like to know you thoughts on guys like Jack who say they learned to hit it far before really focusing on accuracy. To me that seems like they wanted to make sure they had a Ferrari engine then they could build the car around the engine.

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