Craziest Bunkers On A Golf Course at Metropolitan GC in Australia

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The next stop on Erik Anders Lang's Australian adventure is The Metropolitan Golf Club; a real gem in the Melbourne Sandbelt. Regarded as one of the finest championship courses in Australia and home of the 2018 World Cup of Golf, Metropolitan really stands out in Australian golf, particularly for its faultless conditioning. Dr. Alister MacKenzie played a major part in designing the bunker layout at Metropolitan GC and his work has more than stood the test of time with some of the most fun, and challenging, bunkers Erik has played to date. EAL and Stuart decided to challenge each other to see who could have the most fun out on the course. And rest assured even through the bad shots, missed putts and numerous encounters with those crazy bunkers synonymous with Metropolitan, they both crushed the challenge.

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cubfan135 says:

This video just goes to show you, no matter if you have 2 people or 200 people you can always play with the spirit of RGC.


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Zachary Larson says:

Erik, where can I find the green sweater / pullover you are wearing in this video? Thanks

NathanB417 says:

Stu always has fun he's the classic Sunday bag out for a little walk guy with some bill burr thrown in to keep us rolling

Trevor Rager says:

Congratulations on 100k!

Dan Panetta says:

Thank you for showing one of the great courses here in my home town. Please please please come visit again.

Brendan Locke says:

How do you not show the 19th hole after saying "beautiful hole" and we don't even get to see you guys putt?

Justin Johansen says:

So glad to see you nearing 100k, great video as always Erik very inspiring

Simon McDaniell says:

Did you realize that Greg Norman was driving the 16th green for the Australian open! The tree have grown since then but still pretty crazy. Glad to see you enjoy yourselves on what was a pretty ordinary day. Thanks Simon, Greens staff@metro

Fly ingDutch says:

Not a single shot looking up the fairway or view from tee

masterplumberman says:

I think WE the viewers had the most fun !!!

brendan rice says:

another great video Erik . Melbourne is my hometown and it's good a lot of people who make golf content showcase the sandbelt because it is one of top destinations to play legitimate courses that they just don't make anymore. There are no tech advances that can help you when it's mid summer and the greens are glass and you are on the wrong side of the fairway. I feel more PGA events need to get played on the Heath, Metro and RM as waiting every 2 years for the world cup just doesn't do the area justice.

Cooper Dames says:

I feel absolutely shithouse that I took advantage of Eriks generosity at the Melbourne RGC meetup and scored that one of a kind RGC towel. This clearly means more to Stu than it does to me and explains why Stu was salty all afternoon.
EAL, PM me an address to get this towel back to its rightful owner so I can fix my shitty conscience.

David Jones says:

My fun meter watching this video is a 1!!

DodderingOldMan says:

This isn't too far from where I grew up, there's a lot of nostalgia for me seeing this sort of landscape, especially in the grey, rainy weather (although I guess it wasn't so great for the golfing…).

Matthew Bellion says:

Awesome vid. Crazy to think with Metroplitan and Huntingdale which is next door youve got 200+ bunkers!

Wade Broadstreet says:

I love when Erik listens to his viewers and gives us more of what we want! More STU!

Joseph says:

This is how a course can be difficult without being crazy long.

Jacob Larson says:

Hey Erik were u at soule park today? Thought I saw u but I wasnt sure

TimmyP_ says:

Sand belt courses are like a cross between links and parkland. You cant just swing and hope here. The bunkering is difficult not only in their location, but the deliberate way that some are firm-packed and some a little fluffy. You need to know the course and pins, and play to position accordingly. I bloody miss golf rn…

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