What ever happened to Geoff Ogilvy? | Golf Stories

During the late 2000s, Geoff Ogilvy became a major champion & one of the premier players in the world. Unfortunately, after grinding away & finding less success in the latter decade, the Aussie succumbed to burn out & became less inspired to play PGA Tour golf.

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0:00 Intro
1:00 Geoff’s life & career background
9:30 Answering the question you came for

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6 thoughts on “What ever happened to Geoff Ogilvy? | Golf Stories

  1. I became a fan of Geoff because his swing was so simple. As a former teacher and still golf nut who continues to learn about the swing there was/is so much simple beauty in it. It reminded a lot me of late career Tom Watson. However it goes to show that the pga tour is a grind, even the practice rounds. If you don't absolutely love it, you just won't find a way to win. Kudos to him for stepping away and finding something that will drive him.

  2. I'm sure most people remember Phil losing that Open to a relatively unknown random guy from somewhere other than the States. As you so graciously pointed out Peter , Ogilvy had game. The US Open alone is ridiculously hard for anybody other than an American to win. To your question, what happened to him? I think he far exceeded his expectations like a lot of the Aussie sand belt players Parry , Chalmers etc, they dream of success on the PGA tour and when the dust settles, maybe they can fade into a certain degree of contentment. Hearing an interview with Geoff recently he sounded so modest and chill , you'd never know he actually won a US open.
    Keep up the great work Peter ?

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