Rory McIlroy gave me a golf lesson and the results shocked me (golf swing tips)

I had a lesson using the best technology in golf and was shocked at the results. Learn from the best minds in golf instruction in a world of poor online golf videos.

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28 thoughts on “Rory McIlroy gave me a golf lesson and the results shocked me (golf swing tips)

  1. Brilliant mate, I'm gonna give this a go too. But I'll start after the season finishes lol.
    I'll save this video and come back to it again.

  2. When I keep trail arm straighter, it results in getting club above plane. I believe collapsing my trail elbow helps me keep the club from moving out above swing plane.

  3. Can they produce a physical club set in the right arc and twist motions for your height that you can follow with your whole body?

    If we are looking to generate intent and muscle memory, why not build the golfer to the swing? In effect a robot club and body contact points that we learn from.

  4. Hi Mark, interesting video and would be good to see the results of your swing change. Would be interesting to know what the average right elbow angle is amongst the pros and not just for Rory. Keep us posted ?⛳️

  5. Yeah, I had to make this same huge change. The fix for me was to move my shoulders independent of my hips. Previously to the change, the two only moved together (in sync) in the backswing. I fixed this by working on starting my torso rotation first and moving my shoulders independent of my hips. This allowed the shoulders to turn 90 degrees which the hips max'd out at 45.

  6. Thanks for the reminder it’s ok for good swing changes to produce bad shots until you practice with it. Keep representing the tech. I knew I liked you when I saw both Star Wars and guitars behind you ?

  7. Great to see such technical content Mark. Question, would you push this on a student? If the answer is yes, then go ahead and try to make the change.

  8. Yes Mark. More of this content please. Watching someone who can make these required changes instantaneously and elegantly explain the swing thoughts is fascinating to watch

  9. Watched this and went down range to look at where i was in relation to the right arm etc. Ball striking ok, however the occasionally i hit one that feels really good. Guilty of the points made by guy left/right arm kinked even though I think I’m pushing back straight. Widened arc, checked right arm, not over the 90 degree. Feels different on timing but will persist, definitely the fact that being short (5, 7) helps. Another positive thing it showed be I grip too tight sometimes. Great content, most appreciated.

  10. Loving the direction this is going. Glad to know I'm not the only 1 who feels lost when attempting a change. Gears is amazing but let's see what helped you successfully make the change and hit better

  11. Great video Mark, I would definitely give that a go, I think you will hit straighter and longer in time. Just a thought but I think hitting shots cak handed is a great way to get right arm external rotation better. If you try it let me know what you think. Good luck with the change.

  12. yeah give it a go…. why not… I think you'll definitely get more distance and will get comfortable with it eventually. You have to get out of your comfort zone if you want to change /improve something. I had that on my wall (years ago) Get out of your comfort zone! I'm constantly trying to improve is why i watch your videos … your welcome ?

  13. I looked up rory swings driver and irons, and i never saw 60something angle, always looked like close to 90, maybe very slightly below.

    Also, if that angle were so important for distance, wtf john daly, bubba watson etc?

  14. I see YouTubers have developed a habit of putting clickbait thumbnails and titles up. Wtf did this have to do with Rory McIlroy giving you a lesson?

  15. Going through some swing changes now. Curious about your thoughts on swing changes and club fitting. I currently play my irons 2* flat, but I noticed a lot more toe down turf interaction which makes me want to run back to my old swing for straighter shots.

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