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Dan Get's Assessed By The European Tour's Biomechanics Expert

Jean Jaques Rivet is a world leading expert in the field of biomechanics. We were lucky enough to spend a few days with him earlier in the year to learn about what he does. In the video JJ and his assistant, Thibault, assess Dan's body to see where he can make gains through training to improve his body.

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William Crownin says:

I like this! Brutally honest!

Digiphex Electronics says:

Bend over . . .

mavallarino says:

Terre Blanche is one amazing golf complex!!! Truly a holiday golf destination

marcus sheldon says:

i love honesty. you have great knowledge but not able to do it yourself. You will get no respect from your students if they see you not able to do it yourself. You must have felt that. I have been there myself. thanks

Jason MacNeil says:

Thanks for sharing this… on to part 2. Jean Jaques Rivet showed and explained thinks so great.

Jason MacNeil says:

Dan, just wanted to say your videos are great, sound like a great teacher/mentor. I enjoyed watching your help correct Rick Shiels swing. Let's all hit that like on Dan's vids to get him recommended. Take care Dan, hope you, your family are doing great and are safe. Jay from Canada. P.S. should be over 6K likes… just saying.

adri vreeke says:

This is very interesting to learn thank you !!!

Charlie says:

Loved the honesty here. I would like to think I would use all that fantastic equipment you have every day, but in reality who knows. I rarely see teaching pros playing or practicing, a shame really.

Dav Muz says:

Wow I loved this content , understanding the mechanics of the body in relation to the use of down force within the golf swing , excellent vid Dan 💪🏻

Par4Success says:

This is an awesome video Dan. Thanks so much for putting this all together!

Tony Payne says:

Dan, I really enjoyed the video especially as I have similar weakness as you particularly with poor flexibility, hamstrings, can’t touch my toes etc.. I tend to stand up in backswing rather than rotate. Looking forward to the follow up video.

Leonard Kho says:

Fresh insight about Golf…..

ping7979 says:

The thumbnail looks like Dan is having a mammogram done by a doctor!

Mange Larsson says:

According to Mytpi you can increase your club head speed or at least maintain it, well into your 60s, IF you do what they tell you to do with your body. I think thats pretty cool…It gives me hope haha

Guy Davey says:

Great video, very interesting…. how long did it Take for the assessment?

Craig Berry says:

When will follow up on this be released?

Ben green says:

Fantastic video ~ many people would understand that physical ability can be a major factor on golf scores ~ (golf fitness different to be able to run 10k)

Old Pro Golf says:

Interesting. Did he recommend more stretching after your runs, you seem very tight in calves and hamstring making it difficult to get your weight off your toes particularly without heeled shoes on? I have the same problem because of a leg deformity so find it difficult to address the ball when standing on a slope with the ball higher than my feet as I can't get my heels on the ground.

Dougie Montana says:

Wow, I’m your clone, will watch your progress with interest.

Truth Of The Matter says:

I can’t wait to see the follow up video.

markus paasch says:

To me that means , u tell clients the right stuff, but they are unable to to follow without doing a check like this and practice it, right or wrong ? You are a brave teacher, to publish this video. My highest respect !

Marko J says:

Love the in-depth biomechanics analysis. Really builds on what I have learned on your channel.

ian robinson says:

Loved it, very informative.

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