Dynamic Golf Swing – Prevent Injury and Increase Power

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This 3D animation was constructed from extensive information from multi-camera video capture, 16 lead EMG (electromyogram) recording from 100 driver swings, and about a half a year of working with a 3D animator to perfectly reproduce time lines of muscle firing sequences in the golf swing. Although other muscles were captured by EMG, we are showing only muscles responsible for deceleration of motion. They are the muscles most often injured in dynamic throwing and swinging actions, responsible for converting speed to power through a rapid stop (like cracking a whip), and all of these muscles are activated and strengthened in ROTEX exercises. They are the muscles that are grossly under active in the body and they are the ONLY muscles targeted on ROTEX.


Ben Jonson says:

How does this prevent injury?

도비아저씨dob says:

모터 싸이클보다 더흥미롭네요~~굿샷


leslie kim says:


Raphael Du GARDIN says:

Hey ! Could I use you videos for an instagram post ? Of course I will mention you ?! Thanks 🙏🏻

George Yang says:

It looked like the demo player and the model use different styles of swimg.
The player match the club with his right thigh and plays a contemporary way.
However,the model plays with shoulders deriving style, so the club leads the right thigh,I think this is so called old style.

Loïc Desroches says:

How are the rhomboids active at the end of the swing when they are fully lengthened?

Paul Bogdanovic says:

Excellent work!

WMC says:

Great video which shows the sequence of muscle groups movements

555Trout says:

Nasty looking lumbar hyperextension through impact.

Jan Holik says:

0:13 that's hardly correct form

outofthisswirled says:

Zero arm muscles…….

J's play says:

I love this video. Really I do. But it scares me. I have no idea why….

MrKydaman says:


프리스톤테일 [Lost Tale] PinkGame says:

the HEAD is always RED~!
swing = thinking~ hahaha

Luke Daniel Borel says:

The swing looks great and great computer animation but do not let the head get torqued like the animation does, you will injure your neck is you do.

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