NEW SCIENCE Proves What a GOLF swing Really is. BE BETTER GOLF

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26 thoughts on “NEW SCIENCE Proves What a GOLF swing Really is. BE BETTER GOLF

  1. Hi, watched the full video re the modelling of the golf swing as an oscillator. Watch out for too big an Fback which results in you not being able to rotate without losing posture – modelling breaks down. Operating your swing at your own natural frequency is about getting out of your own way – very Zen! All the Pro’s had the 2:1 ratio in terms of forces when doing this BUT their time ratios were more spread out; range 2.5:1 up to 3.5:1 with heavy clustering around 3:1. Now for the possible ways forward…
    How narrow is YOUR response curve to the force ratio? Can you still flush it at 2.1:1 or 1.9:1 ?
    When you nail the 2:1 force ratio AND you flush it, what is your timing ratio? Is it constant or is there some plus/minus?
    You might be able to do away with the force measuring if the following works. IF the mere intent of producing the 2:1 force ratio, very Zen, generates the swing that is modelled by the system operating at your natural frequency THEN you might just be able to nudge yourself back when you drift off by monitoring your timing ratio.

  2. Get three elasticated luggage straps. Attached them to three neoprene Velcro straps. Strap the straps to left bicep, left belt and left knee. Attach the other end to three metal hoops you drill into a wall.

    Stretch out the straps and try not to hammer an impact bag!

  3. Do you no longer apply the swing theory being taught by "The Pro" training aid that you worked with Dan Martin in a video you posted in May 2020? I no longer see that swing in this video, which is just a few months later. You're back to powering the swing on the second half, which btw, still looks like a good swing. And, you apparently are getting good results. Just asking cause wondering if practicing that swing theory by Dan Martin is a waste of time?

  4. I think the idea that the professor was trying to come across was that swinging like loading/unloading a spring is the most efficient/consistent way of generating speed, in theory. But there’s a difference between theory and reality. One factor for that theory to be true is that the golfer’s body has to be perfectly balanced, just like a spring, meaning that the muscles used to do the backswing and the downswing(which are the exact same muscle groups but located on the two opposite sides of many body parts) are perfectly equally strong. Without fulfilling this factor, there is no way to have your body work exactly like a spring. With the spring theory, the force doubling phenomenon you discovered can be explained that you need the exact same amount of force used to make the backswing to first STOP the backswing(so that’s already 100% of the amount of force created in the backswing), and THEN the muscles on the opposite side of all the body parts involved in making the backswing will generate the exact same amount of force in the downswing(so there’s another 100% of the amount of the force created in the backswing). So this two “forces”(one used to stop the backswing, one used to generate speed on the other direction), will add up 200% of the amount force you generate in the backswing. But everything here is based on a perfectly built human body with muscles/tendons on both sides of every body part being completely the same in terms of functionality. However such perfect models probably rarely exist in reality, so the goal a golfer wants to achieve should be depending on their own body conditions imo.

  5. Problem,body is not a spring,a real spring can store energy for a long period of time,body has a short storage time,and everyone has a different duration.

  6. Got a $10 App that video, frame counts for the 2:1 ratio. The application of force from take away to forward swing can be induced by tempo consciousnesses. Probably a function of combining the "anticipated moment of impact" and hand/ eye coordination. This is done at astronomical speed by certain abilities within the brain. Using this type training tool is good because it pairs the visual of the gauge reading to the result.
    Ingraining FEEL.

  7. Brendon , You have had lessons from the best in the business and have used all the training aides. Do you think sticking with one instructor would help your game more then trying all these different concepts? I've watched your swing on here in slow motion and after praising Milo Lines it doesn't appear your trying to implement his swing concepts like squatting first in the downswing. Do you feel squatting isn't necessary ? Adam Scott doesn't squat and his swing is regarded as one of the best swings. I'm currently trying to implement Milos swing but struggling with the squat move.

  8. I took the idea to the range to see what might happen. I imagine 1 to 2 force. I was hitting them much better. tI could be my applied force , or it could be it cut out all those other swing thoughts that mess me up. I'm back to watch it for a second time.

  9. I think you missed the takeaway from the lecture, which is that timing the force application is what determines the quality of the strike. When your maximum force in the downswing occurs at the beginning of it, your clubbed speed will be less at impact. That's why Vijay was using the accelerometer club in practice. Merely grunting hard in transition will not get the job done.

  10. Amazing study and video. I had never thought about the forces involved in taking the club back. Being aware of the backswing force moderates the downswing force and improves my timing and swing speed. Thank you for this. This is your best video yet.

  11. This could be the stupidest golf thingy, ever.
    Complex chain actions are subconscious, initiated by a singular intention. Billions of neurons working seamlessly with proprioception, working subconsciously.
    Over ride this with conscious control at your own risk.

  12. Great video. I tried this on the range yesterday and it worked great. For some reason, thinking about force and not timing really worked for me. Thanks.

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