Decelerate to Accelerate the Golf Club | Increase Your Club Head Speed

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Learn how to crush the ball by decelerating your body in order to accelerate the golf club. Learn how to produce effortless power in your golf swing with the help of!

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19 thoughts on “Decelerate to Accelerate the Golf Club | Increase Your Club Head Speed

  1. Too many pros out there still shilling the lie of rotating as fast as you can, and too many ignorant folks out there trying to "get faster," or "get more power." Not sure they want the truth yet.

  2. This instruction is solid…the dude knows his stuff. However, golf is more complicated than anyone makes it sound…the method here has actually given me a little back ache at times and I have been more into turning left, which has totally left me with no strain. There are so many variables, and we're all in the search for something, I get that, but you really do have to find your own swing with a few golden nuggets from any instructor and probably from our lousy and embarrassing rounds, plus all those lonely hours at the range. I'm sure this lesson fits many of you out there; 2c.

  3. Fantastic video!!!! This information is the missing piece in my understanding of the effortless feeling golf swing!!! Many thanks for sharing! : )

  4. For me doing this type of release has always forged a hook or over draw. Was told by an istructor that this is because I stop turning as you recommend and that turns the club face over to fast. There are endless videos on this concept.

  5. Would I be correct in reading this as a different philosophy to what George Gankas is teaching?….'cause it would appear his philosophy is gaining a lot of traction……….

  6. after watching Rory and many other pro's swing in slow motion… they all seem to be using their body rotation at impact more than you are speaking, especially Rory… can you please give an example (link to a vid) of a tour pro using a rotary type swing? Thanks!

  7. I didnt know where else to post a question to you so I will do it here.. I have been watching your videos because I have been disabled for the last 8 years and am now trying to do anything to get back into shape and I love golf. In your videos, you say that the right arm does nothing… that the left arm is the fulcrum. Then I watched a video with Clay Ballard "The lag dr" saying to use the right arm for speed. ????? Now I dont know what arm does what, im discouraged and thinking of giving up completely. I cant afford lessons as I am disabled and just trying to get back into life. Why does everyone contradict everyone else in the golf swing?

  8. Wow, looks beatifull practice area ? I like your videos and great that you share also free irformation. Rory is also amazing player. However you make before video " stop doing this" and said that Rory is breaking hes ribs because he is using body too much. Now suddenly Rory is doing it rightway…? Anyway i like this roll release swing style and try to learn it ?

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