Disc Golf Tips and Technique: Driving with Dan Beto

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dopestarinc69 says:

one thing people never talk about when it comes to improving your disc golf
game is improving your overall health, meaning cardiovascular exercise,
eating natural organic foods, increasing your core strength (back, glutes,
legs), maybe even working on visualization or meditation techniques to
improve focus. yeah you gotta go out and throw but be a student of the
game, analyze technique, experiment with different styles and mental
approaches to the game.

Robin Mclean says:

Almost 6 years and this is still the best I’ve seen. If there is one thing
to tell beginners thru early advanced players, it would be:
Shorten-Simplify-Smooth out your swing. Watch Dan’s follow thru….so easy.
He’s not falling off the tee-pad. He’s not running. Watching the more
familiar vids of world-class athletes, I just want to scream “Yes but we
are NOT world class athletes”. Dan is showing you a step-by-step approach,
starting with the end and working backwards, that most average players can
learn. NICE!

Joe Marinich says:

Thanks for the video. Say what you will but I’m a beginner and I was
throwing over 200ft with just the reach back and no step. Lots of things
are best learned backwards. 

heartlesspinto says:

I meant for a beginner it does. If you don’t have the weight and muscle to
throw far naturally, then you’re going to have to work at it. If he’s a
beginner, and small, that may explain why he can’t throw far. That’s why i
told him he has to get some momentum going. He can’t just stand there and
expect the disc to take off by itself.

Joe Veen says:

I’m still looking for someone to do a forehand video – if you’re local
(Twin Cities) send me a PM!

Arthur Haverkamp says:

man with arms like that i can throw 600 feet no problem.

Damien Barber says:

Orc is a slightly understable disc as far as I know… and as far as it has
flown for me.

Zumwar1 says:

Holy crap. THANK YOU! I was wondering why I couldn’t throw over 360ish.
That acceleration thing, I need to practice that. Thank you so much.

ticonderoga8000 says:

Just wondering if anyone has some commentary on discs. My friends and I
went and bought discs today and played for the first time ever. We based
our discs mostly on looks and price. I bought a Starfire Distance Driver –
$8.99 My second friend got a Wraith Distance Driver – $8.99 and my last
friend bought a Leopard Fairway Driver – $8.99 We didn’t find out until
later that his leopard was a fairway driver and ours were both distance.
Any kind of input is welcome.

TheMRFREAK911 says:

Does he open his mouth while talking?

Comeatmebro1992 says:

Or your dumbass can just turn up the volume. Or clean out your ears.

Aries says:

@Dynikus Don’t know about those particular discs, not going to pretend that
they’re good or bad for a beginner because honestly I’ve never used them.
When I started out though I really liked the Innova champion Roadrunner.
Not the furthest driving disc but it has excellent control, after a while
you’ll throw some gorgeous looking S curves. Highly recommend it for a

jacob mitchell says:

If you are being consistent then yes, that’s pretty damn good. Accuracy
over distant any day. It’s good to be able to throw really far, but if
you’re getting 250-300 ft. and making it consistently, you’re doing nice. =]


awesome work dan. i still can’t translate anything i’ve seen here into tips
i can use to help my game (i still max under 325′), but at least i have a
good direction to follow. please keep helping limp noodles like me out by
posting more videos. cheers. Mike

sh1yne says:

@joeveenpresents You are correct. I started with a given disc a Star Xcal
that I throw forearm, but after watching this I went outside grabbed my Roc
and practiced that form static just focusing on the form displayed and I
threw it at 75% far longer than I could throw it earlier today 100% power
with a run-up. Now I have 2 fast discs(c destroyer, s xcal) I’m wondering
if I can even throw.

dapfury says:

@joeveenpresents – I have to disagree on the Firebird. That’s a hard disc
for beginners. I would stick to the Valk and the Leopard starting out. AND
STICK TO THOSE TWO! Don’t run out and buy a bunch of discs. That was a
lesson I learned… Use the Teebird for windy days.

gugerart says:

Awesome clip!

aliencrap says:

This is the technique I use and it works. Just practice over and over and
you’ll get it.

Guitarlover762 says:

i can throw forehand drives 250+ but my backhands are just horible and im
lucky if i can get 175, ima try what he said in this vid tomorrow and see
if it helps 🙂

xAuBuRn says:

yes i beat my friend for the first time. I only strugle on 3 holes getting
a good shot at par. I shot +4 from the back tees.

dapfury says:

Here is what I did. Don’t be too proud to go to a lower weight. Find an
overstable disc and go down into the 150’s. Your power will over compensate
for the fade and actually flip the disc a bit before the fade creating more
distance. Problem solved. Just buy or borrow one for now and try it. You’ll
see what I am talking about. I carry an extra Destroyer for this purpose.

mywickedness says:

Wouls be nice too actually see how far your disc went. Showing form and
explaining it is fine, but it would be nice to see that your form actually
works by showing that the disc you just threw went far.

eddie jones says:

@burdette899 that looked like it was just a starting position to practice
the technique keeping it close to your chest, so your arm will be used to
being that close to the chest through the pull through from the reach back

Niven42 says:

As a beginner, the Archangel has really come together for me compared to my
other discs, but it’s characteristics are very fickle. It has a strange,
long, curving flight path and goes berserk in wind. If you can get the Valk
to fly straight for you, eventually it will give you more distance than the
Archangel. If you’re still having trouble, consider a Dragon, as it is much
more consistant, not as demanding as a Valk, and seems to do better in wind.

choglund2301 says:

ive only played 3 times and this was the most helpful vid ive seen. thanks.
i even had a lesson from the #5 ranked player in ND lol. goin to work on it
right now!

Sisco-chan says:

Just threw my best today because of this video. Great help.

MrRaredone96 says:

@bedfordxc personally when my friends go with me and they are new to the
sport a dragon or arcangel seem to work well for them

sh1yne says:

@sh1yne I just realized the complete flaw in my game after practicing this.
Now I have 2 discs I was using to compensate for my lack of technique. Just
doing the first motions and simplest form I took a horrendous back hand and
added more control and distance using less effort with a midrange then I
had with my drivers. I was using them forehand to mask my lack of technique.

Divine Placebo says:

I agree. Torque and speed is much more important that muscle power. Dave
Wiggins seems to be pretty scrawny yet he obtains 600′.

themoderateextremist says:

@joeveenpresents thanks, that actually helped me. I got a firebird and
valkrie. Waitin on the t-bird. There is one hole at my local that demands a
straight long throw followed by a sharp fade, the firebird fits the bill
perfectly. Also, the valkyrie is consitently my longest disk when throwing
in the field. When I switch to side arm, it often ends in a roll for even
more distance.

Imjony5 says:

Same here I throw an orc on almost every drive. A beast isn’t quite stable
enough for me anymore.

drinkingpoolwater says:

@Adamhholloway LOL.

marshall hersey says:

@thebeastwhoeats dx roc.

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