Mark Crossfield is talking about new drivers and why you need to buy a new golf driver. A common question Mark gets asked is about new drivers and why or what is the best new driver on the market. Today's golf video talks about what golf drivers and what really you could get from a new club or are they just a waste of money?

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11 thoughts on “DO NOT LET GOLF CON YOU why you NEED A NEW DRIVER

  1. LoL I played golf for the first time in 20 years last week.
    I was worried that my "Jumbo Head" Wilsondriver might be illegal.
    Only to find out its not that much bigger than a hybrid
    And on seeing the modern driversthey reminded me of the comicly oversized plastic clubs that parents bought to play on the beach when you was a kid.
    Yeah I need a newer driver as Mine is from the 1990s

  2. Hi Mark, how were the Nike drivers not made well, do you have any evidence they were no good or is it based on your opinion? From my recollection you gamed Nike drivers previously.

  3. Play with Ping G driver. Had a driver fitting session. Hit my driver about 270 at best. Hit the Titleist TSR2 up to about 290, but can't justify the price tag. Anything else not $599 that might get me that extra 20 yards? Swing speed about 101, ball speed 144-145.

  4. When you said why fitters build around a swing, as someone who works for a fitting company, the thought process is the majority of golfers don't have the time to put in for practice or lessons. So building something for them that fits where they are currently at is more often than not, the best option. Now a good fitter will ask and want to know what the customer is going through currently as far as possible swing changes or lessons that may be happening to assist the fitting process, but the majority aren't or don't have the money to spend on both clubs and lessons, and that is why fittings are built around the current swing.

  5. I'd love to be in a position to test new clubs as often as you do Mark to really get to the point of understanding if clubs make a difference to my golf. The reality is that the average golfer can't do this more than once every few years as the cost of a fitting is getting close to half the cost of a new club. Nevertheless, I agree with everything to said. My club is about to get a new swing studio so I'll be in there as often as I can to see what I can get from the clubs I have before engaging my club professional to fix my gaps.

  6. Had a taylormade burner driver for years but these new drivers are so much better if you don't square it up all the time. Looking to upgrade for next season

  7. My good buddy plays my old fti-q “loaf” driver. Smacks it 330. Had the caddies at sand valley giving him his own lines. Center face, good fundamentals and hard swing, you can hit a Spaulding bought at sportmart for $85 a long way.

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