Top 10 Best Races Of The Decade | 2010-2019

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The votes have been counted and we can reveal that the best race of the last decade is…

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hardanheavy says:

Hamilton… there's contact!
Ooh! Contact with Hamilton!
X is off, he had contact with Hamilton!
Hamilton drives into X, he's off!
etc. etc.
That man doesn't play nice and that's why he is succesful.
Do not, however, complain when there are competitors who don't yield…

Snoflakes says:

I was hoping to see Bahrain 2020 or Spain 2016 purely because of Perez and Verstappen doing surprisingly well those races, but I guess this isn't about one man's achievements

EndlessMotion says:

This isn't in actual top 10 order though is it? Number 1 wasn't a great race at all compared to number 2

Sriram Santhanam says:

Background Music name?

Dillon Carroll says:

Canada 2011 is the best, change my mind

St Dope says:

Im a relatively new to Formula 1 and have to say, it feels so weird (and scary) seeing these cars without halos

Nithya Sandra says:

The injured birdie 😢

Elena Ivanova says:

Max as usual the best in rain conditions and not only

Cranky Derrick says:

Honerable mentions have to go to Hungary 2015 and Austin 2018

Kazunyan430_98【NoHeartNoSNS】 ◢͟│⁴⁶ says:



Pgun7 says:

Uu7utq uuqt uu1,😢😅😢🎉

Jayden Martin says:

It was cool!

Seb Ward-Kelly says:

valtteri at 3:27 is amazing

Michael Silver says:

Brazil 2018 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

Nonamerider says:

how often HAM is showen here how he doesn´t do what he is allways telling the other to do while overtaking……

AdoredTV says:

This should just have been Canada 2011 full race tbh.

Álvaro García says:

When you don't know when a decade starts and ends

Sky Ven says:

5:14 the whole era in the moment.

Arjan nvt says:

Love the Clips but watching it without any sound. The shooting is too much

James the NAME says:

But so far, i think the 2022 british gp is the most entertaining race. Maybe also Brazil. As for the last 2 races of 2021, they were chaos. (The battle for the lead)

Sir Dope says:

shhheeesssh…. Albon almost had it

Sebx_ says:

sorry, but not 2018 germany. its just a pain

Lisaanul Hasan says:

Top 10 in 2020-2029 –

1) Australia 2023
2) Italy 2020
3) Saudi Arabia 2022
4) Bahrain 2021
5) Canada 2022
6) Monaco 2022
7) Bahrain 2020
8) USA 2021
9) Azerbaijan 2021
10) São Paulo 2022

This list would be updated in the future.

Thomas Sievers says:

A lot Hamilton contact being unpunished…. Privileged

Crepe Ranch says:

Canada 2011 lives rent free in my head. Stayed up all night, watched every minute even through the red flag rain delays and in the end it was worth every moment of it.

ralph morris says:

Something very satisfying watching Hamilton crash.

Mr Marbles says:

Hamilton such a sore loser.

Mikoto Suoh says:

who the fk decided to pick this kind of music?!

The Lurking Fear says:

Love how there is no one else on the track with Rosberg and Hamilton.

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