Do This to Hit Longer Drives! | Secret Drill for More Club Speed | 3D-Proven by Martin Borgmeier

A very simple drill to increase Club Head Speed and eventually Ball Speed to hit the ball farther.

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This golf facility is called Fenris in Würselen, Germany. They‘ve developed the marketless 3D-system themselves and provide outstanding quality.

Camera & Edit by Marvin Deufrains

27 thoughts on “Do This to Hit Longer Drives! | Secret Drill for More Club Speed | 3D-Proven by Martin Borgmeier

  1. I got 170 ball speed with my 5 iron 118 club head speed on trackman but can’t get over 136 with my driver thinkI’m doing something wrong cheers

  2. Hey Martin awesome drill. Seems like a good over speed drill. I finally got a rypstick in and did my first speed session and was really happy to see my results afterward with my driver I got my clubhead speed up to 133mph. Would love to add this in and see how far I can push it!

  3. Live these videos, Martin! Curious if it could also be that the band causes you to load more and consequently the hand speed increases due to that? Great stuff bro. Keep it coming!!

  4. Great video, i have had good results with band work and this is new for me. Can't wait to try it out. Constant increasing resistance with backswing and with follow through your using all that applied tension. There's great articles by luie Simmons and Dave tate that explain this in more detail.

  5. Martin, can you do a video of how you close the club face through impact? Do you hold it square like DJ, or do you open the face in the backswing then rotate the hands over through impact to close it?

  6. This band trick is sick for the backswing. If you could somehow figure out a way to release the band at the top of the backswing so it doesn’t help the front swing it would be even better

  7. I really like the resistance band idea. I am 6’0” tall. Does it matter how tall you are? What resistance band do you suggest? Thanks! Great content!!

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