Do This to Hit Longer Drives! | Secret Drill for More Club Speed | 3D-Proven by Martin Borgmeier

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Reinout Schotman says:

Love the idea of a rubber band to help train overspeed. This trains your CNS to adopt to faster speeds, right?

ironside eve says:

Funnily enough I came across the same techniques in a Mike Austin video today

William smith says:

I got 170 ball speed with my 5 iron 118 club head speed on trackman but can’t get over 136 with my driver thinkI’m doing something wrong cheers

David Mceneaney says:

Do they drug test long drivers?

Nico Nomad says:

Absolutele legend love you man I one day we going to smash some bombs!!!! Whoop whoop hitting Bombs

Randy Hudson says:

Hey Martin awesome drill. Seems like a good over speed drill. I finally got a rypstick in and did my first speed session and was really happy to see my results afterward with my driver I got my clubhead speed up to 133mph. Would love to add this in and see how far I can push it!

James Brown says:

Love the nerdy stuff!

Dillon says:

Love the nerdy stuff! Keep it coming, that's what I'm here for!

Tigersmundo says:

G E N U I N E!!!

dabaumga says:

Live these videos, Martin! Curious if it could also be that the band causes you to load more and consequently the hand speed increases due to that? Great stuff bro. Keep it coming!!

Awesome Bill from Dawsonville says:

Great training idea getting a band for this 👍

Cinnamon Toast Bombers says:

Hi Martin, What do you think about the cobra ltd driver compared to the Callaway drivers?

mako1134 says:

Hi Martin have you ever tried the aero-swing speed training aids
And if so what do you think of them.

They look a good concept in theory

Dabin Paek says:

Thanks Martin!

Russell Garner says:

Also what size band would you buy

Russell Garner says:

Excellent video. Buying a rubber band now. Also managed 5 mph increase in driver speed since using raw speed swing trainer

vegasgolf25 says:

Love it! I need to buy a rawspeed stick. I don't have any training aids. I have just been practicing the movements while on the range.

E S says:

Great video, i have had good results with band work and this is new for me. Can't wait to try it out. Constant increasing resistance with backswing and with follow through your using all that applied tension. There's great articles by luie Simmons and Dave tate that explain this in more detail.

James Huntington says:

Martin, can you do a video of how you close the club face through impact? Do you hold it square like DJ, or do you open the face in the backswing then rotate the hands over through impact to close it?

breezykinggg says:

This band trick is sick for the backswing. If you could somehow figure out a way to release the band at the top of the backswing so it doesn’t help the front swing it would be even better

Chris Corry says:

What weight resistance is the band you use?

Dustin Spinnato says:

Any idea where we can buy the speedball besides tour tempo where it is out of stock?

andycarroll3 says:

I really like the resistance band idea. I am 6’0” tall. Does it matter how tall you are? What resistance band do you suggest? Thanks! Great content!!

Conrad Johannes says:

This is awesome! I love the detail! Vielen Dank!

Tony Moss says:

Excellent content, keep it coming 👍🏻

d V says:

How many swings and reps you recommend per set? And how many sets per week.
Thanks and cheers from Germany;)

toy fon says:

rubberband sweather for LD competition

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