Solve THREE separate golf swing issues with ONE simple golf drill | LAG | COMPRESSION | STABILITY

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Today, Tour Instructor Chris Tyler is joined by one of his students, Brent.

Chris shows you a simple little exercise we call the “Close the Window” drill. It's a way to solve 3 separate issues in your downswing:
– losing lag
– not enough forward shaft lean
– unstable club face

Watch this video now to see how to use your trail arm properly to get into good delivery points.

The result? More zip in the ball flight. More distance, straighter shots, less effort.

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Abdulla Nasher says:

Great drill. Tried it, it worked wonders. Many thanks

Diane Cresswell says:

I've been struggling with shallowing the club and overactive arms in general. Just watched this and tried the drill outside. It really helps the lower body to get in control when 'the arms know where they're going' Just knowing where that elbow has to end up encourages the 'squat' movement to happen where it needs to 🙂

109robin says:

I did not find the free compression video link. The link provided was an advert for the Axiom only.

Christopher Magnuson says:

Great drill and video Chris. It’s almost time to put the skis away and pick up the clubs. Would this drill be good for me?

carver wickman says:

You and I worked on this movement a year ago on your range. Really hit it well there but was shanking it later at home. Too much tension and not enough rotation. But it works great when done right. And your stand up routine gets an Oscar my friend.

Florida Boy Mat says:

Awesome drill! Where is Chuck?

Danny Podesta says:

Awesome, been doing these drills. Cannot wait to get out of my living room and see where the rubber meets the road!

John E says:

Wow, that opening blooper segment was more entertaining than the Babylon Bee. Funny stuff! Key takeaways: 1) Close the window, 2) Invest in a white belt. Seriously though, very simple concept to understand. Thanks again for the great video.

Aaron Hamilton says:

I love this video and I can easily relate to it. So the arm window in my golf swing should be like my window of opportunity to be a fitness model….closed. Simple!

pulumputru n says:

Y do i find this video boring. Well start watching from 6:54

Melissa Thatcher says:

WOW! A straightforward fix that is simple AND WORKS! Awesome instruction that I can implement myself. No gimmicks, just layered precision. Love it!

JT Fey says:

Understand about the time of day. Sometimes it can't be helped. And I always appreciate Rotary Swing's lessons. Thanks.

JT Fey says:

Rule No. 1 in photography or videography – don't shoot into the sun.

Sharna Cerone Cerone says:


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