Don't Turn Your Shoulders for a Driver Golf Swing

Learn why shoulder turn with a driver golf swing is costing you consistency and power and what to do in backswing instead ▶ Stop Using Your Hips Wrong

So why do I say don't turn your shoulders in the driver golf swing?

If you want more effortless power golf swing and a consistent backswing, you need to have a golf swing that is efficient and still delivers the power and feels you can do no matter if you are a senior golf swing or a seasoned pro.

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So try this, don't turn shoulders in golf swing and learn why turn in the golf swing is bad
along with too much rotation in backswing. By following my simple shoulder turn drill, you'll be able to swing with more power and accuracy, without turning your shoulders all the way around.

Don't Turn Your Shoulders for a Driver Golf Swing.

Stop Turning Your Shoulders When Swinging Your Driver
Stop Making This Driver Golf Swing Mistake
The Biggest Mistake swinging your driver
You can have a simple short golf swing for senior golf swing when you have the feel of wind up your core don't turn shoulders in golf swing.

Alex Fortey from the Art of Simple Golf gives you a simple golf tip to improve your golf swing Enjoy this golf video to help you get closer to having a perfect golf swing.. YOUR perfect golf swing

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Let us know what you think in the comments below! ?


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Let us know what you think in the comments below! ?

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16 thoughts on “Don't Turn Your Shoulders for a Driver Golf Swing

  1. I’m serious about the process of becoming a better golfer…and this winter practice will focus on the driver. I’ll be using your instruction on driver during my next range practise session. This could be the missing key…?

  2. Came back from the golf course now, did 9 holes and got 7 fairways with my driver, something that didnt happened for a while so i wanted to thank you for a great tip! it was shorter (i am a very strong guy that can hit the ball 300 yard easy but this is also the reason for my inconsistency) today my drives were shirter – about 220 yards or so but in the fairway each time – the question is – how to blend it to hit is longer?

  3. Very well illustrated. My problem was imagining that level left with the hips was without turning ,that the left and right hip moved towards the target in a straight line, and then they turned. This left me unable to face the target as I continued to the follow through.

  4. Great tips Alex! I found that I played better golf when I reached 60 years of age, obviously I was over swinging with my younger RAGE! a HUGE/LONG back swing, my partners did the same, so far back there was no way getting back on plane! Now in my 70s playing better than before, its not that often – if anytime I shout four. Now teaching my Grand-son who is just 16, he's a smart young lad – very keen, he forgets that I have been and seen where he is now before my game turned green! I have urged him to watch your blog, yeah yeah yeah he says – but it sounds more like a frog! I tried to get him taking a shorter swing – come on Papa – that's your thing, now my alarm bells are starting too ring, kids of today thing they know every thing! But he might just see the light before he reaches my age, I just hope he is not like many I have seen throwing the clubs away with their rage! Take care Alex till I send you another page!

  5. Great stuff right there Sir!
    The best drives I've ever had were when I had that K-stance and feeling of an underhand grip.
    There have been times when everything falls so into place that I feel like I should try my luck in a long drive competition.
    Then there's the other 8/10 drives that compel me to sell all my Golf related possessions and take up bird watching and/or photography instead.
    Golf is the greatest representation of love/hate I've ever experienced.
    Also, the "throwing of the club" feeling works well in actual application too. Don't ask how I know… ?

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