GOLF: Left Arm Loading In The Golf Swing | PRESS It In To Your Chest Then LET It Fly Off!

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Mike Truong says:

Is it wrong to pre-pin to left arm at address?

Edgardo Tripaldi says:


Oscar Gonzalez says:

Thanks Eric I like the angle and how the club in the down swing coming behind with two steps compression. Very good video. Thanks.

Rickie W says:

I appreciate the visual of the hands behind the shoulders at top to get the right press. Great video

Anthony Lennen says:

Steve Pratt, another good instructor, teaches this as well. . The biggest issue w me re this concept has been it causing me to raise off plane.

I have to concentrate on turning my shirt buttons BACK rather than them starting to point to the sky. When I rear up it can get ugly so the only thought I have w my swing is to keep my left arm into my pec AND turn my buttons BACK not UP.

Anthony Price says:

Eric dropping off heat 🔥 as always excellent info thanks Eric

Vik says:

I call it the frisbee move

Vik says:

Master accumalator #4. The golfing machine. Homer Kelly. Give him the credit

Ron Nelson says:

You absolutely have to get someone from good good golf on the channel. Definitely get grant or Garrett (gm golf) on there, the hype for all channels would be great

Stevie K says:

Great lesson as always Eric. Enjoyed seeing the classic swings. I have just a few weeks of drilling to get where I want to be to join you for online lessons. Cheers

B Dawg says:

Henrick Stenson is someone that does this extremely well and has always been one of his signature moves imo

Only_Son says:

I try so hard to keep my lead left arm straight in the backswing but it bends every time I get out to the course. Any tips for that?

Philip Chan says:

This is a power tip 👍🏼

Robert Figueroa says:

Best feel ever!!!!!
This is how you become a great ball striker with this feeling.

Great video. Thats what i feel but it hard to explain it to people. You did a great job. I will be sending this video instead of trying to explain it to others myself lol.
The early the left arms it comes of the more open the club face is easy to hold off a fade. If you really want to turn one over. Keep it connected as long as you can and roll the hands.

Bluefin 01 says:

Unless your driving range uses Pro V1’s or any premium golf ball, the data you’re collecting on those garbage range balls is useless. Also you should never use range balls for club fittings which I see all the time at the driving range. It’s a joke.

nbargolf says:

Love this video never seen anyone explain the relationship arm to peck so detail. Always had questions about it EXCELLENT.

Otis Regatoni says:

My pecks are like Arnie’s…..not Palmer. Perhaps bench pressing is not a good drill for golf.

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