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Rory McIlroy shares a swing drill that he does almost daily to hit it long and straight off the tee.

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encinobalboa says:

Rory's split hand drill is awesome. It really does put everything into wonderful positions. And it works for all clubs and all shots down to 50 yard pitch. I've watched a lot of golf instruction videos from very capable teachers but they only focus on a single aspect of the swing per video. With Rory's drill, I find myself hitting all those "magic positions" without thinking about it. After a few weeks of practice, I've picked up distance, direction, higher ball flight, and most important of all consistency. I feel like more practice will yield a lot more of the same.

JustJames says:

This is a real insight to the mind of one of the Greatest ball strikers in the game. The fact that four years after making notes about some issues he is working on and Rory is making the same notes about the same issues is really, really helpful. I thought it was just me and I was going mad…lol.

Gil C says:

It's annoying where that guy stands as Rory hits and then he adds to my annoyance by being completely disinterested in the shots themselves. If that's the case, why even be in the frame? He's just too cool for school.

leetuber1 says:

That guy standing in front of Rory with driver is a seriously thought over or not ? a slice might be a viral i guess

Nik Fledge says:

Very strange place to stand when someone, even Rory, is hitting a ball. The host has the Charisma of a wall!

Sukh Singh says:

The interviewer lacks safety consciousness. His position is an absolute act of stupidity. No body should ever position themselves in the front of anyone hitting a golf ball.

The Makafui says:

My role model…I love you so much

Tommy Eden says:

Wow, I literally just had a lesson last week to work out some issues with my wedges and the instructor had me squeezing my towel with my fingers. He said the fingers were the key. I thought it was stupid, but just doing that like 10 times and then trying to replicate it on my grip as I swung fixed something in my swing and got me some distance back I was losing. I really don't know what it was, but I could feel the club face better in the swing and it felt more effortless.

Logan Geddes says:

the most inexplicable part of the game. How the feels come and go is an enigma.

Karn KarnKarn says:

from this angle, it feels like the host should stand more on the back of Rory
than comfortably standing like

georgia may says:

this is invaluable

KierBear says:

My man is just stood there knowing Rory wouldn’t miss hit it, if that was me his shins would have been gone. Shank.
He wouldn’t be so brave then 😂

Tbf you’re not even safe stood behind on my shots 🤦‍♂️😂

LiamGolf1994 says:


Can you hit balls with this drill??? Seeing Rory complete a full swing with split hands makes we wonder if you could possibly do a 50% swing into the ball itself to gain a better feel of the swing?

Séamus Hughes says:

Split handed drill is basically a basic Hurling swing

illya shafiq says:

Weird accent. A hybrid of american & british

D says:

Imagine if he shanks…

Gupps0123456 says:

Was this filmed during his stint working with Pete Cowen? Because the split grip and towel drill is textbook Cowen

T G says:

I bet he wouldn't stand that close to my line. That guy is brave.

Robert Johansson says:

50% fairways, call bullshit as usual with this guy

Brett Frimmer says:

Arguably the best driver in the game

Brent Trading says:

I dont get the twisting the towel drill ?

John Nichols says:

I've done this drill before but never thought about right elbow in front of body. That's gold right there. Cripes that move he shows getting stuck is exactly what I had been trying to do to "shallow the club". I hit a fricken barn 120yds. off the golf course left last time I played.

Philip Chan says:

Nice Nike jersey.

unplugged 92 says:

Really nice of Rory to share so much.

I see U says:

Standing there again!? Dangerous!

Baz Thorn says:

Great stuff 👏 must try that out …

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