Rory McIlroy’s swing in slow motion (every angle)

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Check out eight minutes of the gorgeous swing of two-time FedExCup Champion Rory McIlroy from every angle in slow motion.


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Datram Doh says:

The only thing that can help me is buying new clubs and shoes

Daniel Arreola says:

Look how long he keeps that club head on what i like to call the wall behind him? Watch it in .25 and then keep pushing pause. That club head would still be touching the wall even when his shoulders become square and his hips are centered. If you are a short golfer only way to go. Don't try to swing like Dustin Johnson. Swing like Rory if you are under 5'9"

Strat says:

The top of his backswing looks like a damn yoga pose.

Daniel Segledi says:

Fluid, not rushed, but he seems to play golf swing mostly and not golf…just like Speith

Fred B. says:

I’ve never been able to keep my left arm straight

Berenice Torres says:


Roddy says:

He has a strong grip with a weak grip

Jimmy Hooks Jr says:

his right arm through the ball is epic upon release…unreal! love Rory! Lets go!

Robert Watters Jr. says:

Worthless video if you’re trying to learn something. Weird angles, no full body shots.

楊維賢 says:

Some golf legendary players are just small guys even shorter than me.
Gary Player 168cm,
Ben Hogan 174cm,
Tom Watson 175cm,
Rory McIlroy 175cm!

rideron thefloor says:

Zwei volle Werbeanzeigen, euer scheiss ernst 😂

guyrestivo says:

yes….Rory has tremendous power for his size but he is not the driver he use to be….i heard it said many times by analysts that he too far under the plane causing consistent 2-way misses –which we have all seen many times along with those bombs down the middle…a 2 way miss does not make u a great driver of the ball….add to that his really poor wedge control…what i do like is his improved putting…i think hes made great improvement their….as a Rory fan I hope he can break his 7 year draught in majors…he hasnt hardly even been competitive in those 7 years with few exceptions…it would be fabulous if he can get that Masters this year..2022. and complete the grand slam—I ll be rooting hard for him and I actually think he has a great chance..

Silence Doogood says:

Could you find more annoying music

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