Driver swing made Simple | how to hit it further & More consistent

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In today’s video I talk about the fundamentals of hitting further and more consistent drives. Driving is a lot of technique and I hope this helps. Thanks for watching!

17 thoughts on “Driver swing made Simple | how to hit it further & More consistent

  1. Micah – I ran across your video while searching how to get more distance with EVERY golf club. I thank the stars above for directing me to your video! I started golfing at the age of 70 -have taken lessons from every teacher in my area & no one has helped me with more distance or topping the ball. I have increased my driver loft from 12.5 to 14.5 (Big Bertha Reva) hoping that would give me more loft. The simple explanation you give on "cracking the bullwhip" when hitting the ball turned a light on in my brain. I have since lowered my driver loft to the standard 12.5 & had one of my best games ever yesterday using ALL of your tips. Thank you, Thank you & Thank you again.

  2. By far the best driver tutorial I've watched. Didn't over complicate it or explain the swing as a 20 step process. Watched this video a couple days ago, and went to the range today. Best day at the range I've ever had. My swing finally has that whip it was missing, and as someone else said, it finally all "clicked." Truly helped improve my swing in just one quick session at the range. Wanted to come back and give a simple thank you, Micah!

  3. Thanks that micah ?really good video and the inset vids made it a pleasure to check your references , very well done .
    You did say though that you created speed through jumping up as you release down through the ball not because your young strong and can swing really fast …
    Mate ive gotta tell you that you can only do that because your young and strong ? . Still a great video !

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