Does Your Driver Adjustment Make any Difference? Shocking Results

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What happens when you make changes to your driver using the hosel settings? #Nrit #golftowel #premiumgolftowel #KLEANSHOTGOLFTOWEL #bestgolftowel #KLEANSHOT
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HifiVega says:

I might be tripping, but at 2:09 the face looks open to me not closed.

Russ R says:

Your brain has a mind of it's own. Awesome!

MidLifeBiker says:

As a lefty, glad the Titleist adjuster is the same just different chart. Perhaps they should etch the chart on the sole of club…

Mike Bruce says:

My swing is to inconsistent to learn anything LOL

Tom Welz says:

Does anyone know what happens to your shots if the head is not tightened properly?

Ronnie Prater says:

But what happens to your grip, when i adjust my hosel, my grip alignment is turned 90 deg?

Lalo Alcaŕaz says:

Wuz up brotha,thank you man! Was going to take my tsr2 over to PGA store to adjust my hosel,but after your need! I also was going right at the standard A1 and took that B2 to the range ,then the course,working great! Keep up the great vids brotha!

hbyrdut says:

You didn't mention this but maybe you did consider it but where you strike it on the face has a lot to do with it too.

Martin G says:

I've a fitting for my new tsr driver next month can't wait

Joe M says:

"Your brain has a mind of its own." You have a brain inside your brain?
Is that like a mirror inside a mirror where it goes for infinity?
My mind is blown.

David Volmut says:

Great video! thank you. BTW any word on the best golf towel? I wanted to purchase one but not seeing it available anywhere.

masonryman 81 says:

Got a Big Bertha B21 for Christmas and finally got to play with it Monday. I love this thing. Very forgiving and when I got it right, it went way further/straight than I've ever hit with my old cheap driver. I know I could use a lesson or two as I'm new to the game but I'll be messing with these settings on my next outing. Lol

Coalin Parkinson says:

You should try a look at The Claw Driver by The Natural Golf Company in the UK . No closed club face whatsoever . Just very upright . E4 swing weight . Solid shot every time . If you open the club face on impact it just goes higher . Closed , it just goes lower !!

Geno Ortega says:

Those indoor launch monitors lie and make you believe you are better than you are. Go in with an old driver and they show you all shots going to hell, you need to try $500 driver. Oh great all shots going straight down the fairway. Pay the $500 bill thinking you got it figured out then go to the course and same damn results as your old driver😢😢

Nick Sparkes says:

Whats the optimal height and spin for driver with 105mph swing speed ?

Tony Santa says:

If you deliver the conaistent dynamic loft at the ball, it does make some minor differences. It helps me guard againt losing it right.

Overhand Golf says:

Wait a minute, my brain has a mind of it's own? Does that brain also have a mind of it's own?

John Paton says:

Golfers should know that one click is sufficient. Two clicks or more is not good as it applies more pressure to the screw system that it is not optimally designed for. It brings the failure point sooner rather than later.

Stuart Kennedy says:

How many people have a home set up

Ed Anzore says:

Haha. Do it again tomorrow with a different swing

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