Dustin Johnson Mid-Iron Swing in SUPER Slow Motion | TaylorMade Golf

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golfplayers says:

very good technique 💪

응가챠라 says:

It's crazy swing

Mark Smith says:

How the hell does he do that…just insane, look at his torso and separatjon…that's INSANE

Overhand Golf says:

Not to be mean but is DJ hiding a couple golf balls in his shirt? What's that hanging over his belt @ 0:14?

Jimmy Sweets!! says:

His swing is amazing!!!!

Stephane Gauthier says:

Good thing you can't wear out youtube videos because I keep coming back to this one! The music is mesmerizing and perfect for it too.. It's poetry in motion! I know it's the last person I should try to copy but I love how the DJ "feels" helps me shorten my backswing and elevate the club in the right range so I keep doing it.

GreenGrass says:

I'm amazed he can hit the ball with any power and without a snap hook every single time with how closed he keeps the club face. It's painful to watch at the top of his swing.

TrueJay says:

How tf is he able to get that left arm all the way up straight

Brian Feldmeier says:

Watching this at 1/2 speed too 👍

Old Ben says:

such an athletic swing

Salvador M. says:

Now i think that the 99% amateurs from 30 to 90 years old try to do these swings in the driving range. And the golf teacher works a lot with the amateurs looking this.

But i think that only 1% players have the body ready for to move like this (from 10 to 30 years old maybe more) and the rest 99% players is not possible.

TheZenbudda says:

Out of all the pga tour swings, his is the one (to me) that best demonstrates you should let the arms “come along for the ride” and “simply” unwind the shoulders. In doing so, “covering the ball” or “staying on top of the ball” is absolutely necessary or you will pull your shot

Kirk Hampton says:

Dustin Johnson is Fosbury. Does ANYONE see how little he rotates the club in relation to shaft plane? Build a full circle trainer or buy one, then you need several brackets on about three clubs (one top, one address, one wherever else needed.) Wood dowel, epoxy, sand paper. Then slide the club back and forth on the full circle trainer. Repeatability in practice? Perfect. Am I one of the best teachers in the world? I dunno, but take a look at what his club isn't doing, rotating in relation to shaft plane. Hi jump it.

s1dest3p says:

He's lucky to not have hurt his wrist. What a weak wrist position that he has just gotten used to and made work.

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