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Xander Schauffele's golf swing in slow motion with iron and driver swings.

Xander Schauffele is a multiple winner on the PGA Tour with incredible career highlights including the Olympic gold medal for golf. Checkout Xander Schauffele's golf swing in slow motion from face on and down the line with iron swings and driver swings.

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Ryan says:

Wow if you watch closely, you will see how he just lets gravity take over at the top of the backswing/transition. He gets the club into the slot via gravity instead of forcing it in there.

Wanrae Cho says:

is that the first shot a shank..??

Understanding Bitcoin says:

Is he swinging a wooden headed club lol

Jake T. Nelson says:

Perfect backswing

Scott Kennedy says:

This guy has such a beautiful swing. These slow motion vids are perfect to watch the wrist position through the swing. Perfect. 👍🏻😎👍🏻

John Q says:

one of my fav half asian dudes!

Robert Johansson says:

stuck, will always be inconsistent

Bawkzers says:

His swing looks very similar to Jon Rahm's but with less exaggerated wrist bow

Richard White says:

His swing mechanics are sublime, his tempo is on another planet! He may not win all that often but that swing will keep him on tour forever.

JT Akbar says:

I worked the FedEx cup championship one year in ATL. While walking over towards the practice range one morning, I heard a sound I never heard before. Rory, Adam, Finau, etc.were all practicing. But it was Xander that had the most distinct sound with his irons. What a ball striker!

정타패댁 says:

Perfect swing he has. I love his swing. He uses his shoulder very effectively.

Scott Steverson says:

I know some were 3/4 swings, but he doesn't seem to hinge the wrist like most.

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