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Ryan says:

Wow if you watch closely, you will see how he just lets gravity take over at the top of the backswing/transition. He gets the club into the slot via gravity instead of forcing it in there.

Wanrae Cho says:

is that the first shot a shank..??

Understanding Bitcoin says:

Is he swinging a wooden headed club lol

Jake T. Nelson says:

Perfect backswing

Scott Kennedy says:

This guy has such a beautiful swing. These slow motion vids are perfect to watch the wrist position through the swing. Perfect. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘πŸ»

John Q says:

one of my fav half asian dudes!

Robert Johansson says:

stuck, will always be inconsistent

Bawkzers says:

His swing looks very similar to Jon Rahm's but with less exaggerated wrist bow

Richard White says:

His swing mechanics are sublime, his tempo is on another planet! He may not win all that often but that swing will keep him on tour forever.

JT Akbar says:

I worked the FedEx cup championship one year in ATL. While walking over towards the practice range one morning, I heard a sound I never heard before. Rory, Adam, Finau, etc.were all practicing. But it was Xander that had the most distinct sound with his irons. What a ball striker!

μ •νƒ€νŒ¨λŒ says:

Perfect swing he has. I love his swing. He uses his shoulder very effectively.

Scott Steverson says:

I know some were 3/4 swings, but he doesn't seem to hinge the wrist like most.

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