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jur reitsma says:

Worked like a charm

Chris MacCourtney says:

This is the single best iron drill I’ve done. Lowers flight and boosts distance +15 yards at least. Thanks guys!!

Eric James says:

Trash advice. You can have shit lag and have pronation of the lead arm and go right anyway

Kelly Miller says:

Guys are you seeing the same benefits with this technique using a driver as well?

Kelly Miller says:

Best lag drill I have ever seen and tried. I am getting lag now for the first time in my life and ball is coming off clubface like a rocket. I have always been a flipper at impact that causes a lot of weak pulls.

Flags of the World Tube says:

You guys are amazing. Where are you guys from?

Ted Breitenstein says:

Hey guys…great stuff as always…I can say that I'm in the exact place Craig is/was in my swing. Getting my handicap down to 18-19 range thanks a lot to your videos. Going to give this drill a shot and see if I can't get my irons to be more consistent…thanks again!

Mark Greer says:

Great job at hiding the real action that enables long distance throughout your 100 videos on how to hit the ball longer.

Gary Sager says:

These guys remind me of Hans and Frans on an old SNL skit.

Charlie Hawtree says:

These 2 are rubbish.

Ashton H says:

This guide “Jοmtοnο Naha” (Google it) presented me Golf swing lessons. They use important information like your arm length, height, shoulder width, and club length to create a model perfect for you. The lessons have been incredibly useful, allowing me to drop my handicap from a 22 to a 15 in the last year.

SirWithrow says:

What if u hit it dead straight swinging normal with it closed like that.

LAPStorm says:

This is exactly what my pro told me to do that i dismissed after a few shots after the lesson, it doesn't mean that for the rest of my golfing days i will be setting up with the golf face pointing away from the target but so that i can get used to not having to compensate on the latter stages of the down swing before i hit the ball thus losing any power. Again i was a hooker when i started. 2 hours till the range opens can't wait to get down and get on with this! I am used to hitting very flighty balls so this is also going to seem quite a change for a while but if i want to get better i have to bite the bullet and it might as well be today. Thanks guys.

Nick Barbieri says:

I'm working with my golf professional to eliminate my flipping at impact. I have a better concept of this drill by understanding I'm losing the angle of wrist cock into impact. Maybe just me but holding the wrist angle has helped me understand what I need for better contact.

lolobuggah says:

Won't this drill train me to hold off the clubface or  hit a block type of impact? After switching back to a square clubface I'd imagine the balls would be pushed to the right. I feel you have left out that part of the explanation. Please explain.

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