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Mike discusses the Right Foot Drop Back Drill. Does this drill make it harder to get your left hip out of the way and where it’s supposed to be?

It does slightly, and if you watch many Tour Players as they set up to the ball, they drop their right foot back. Why? It lets them get their right hip out of the way on the backswing. Dropping the right foot back gives them much more space to swing. This is about space and getting to the ball.

Dropping your right foot back helps your right hip learn how it feels to stay back rather than lunging forward with the swing. Your leg starts to feel what it feels like to move forward, making it easier to use your left leg and hip.

It’s more important to set up, drop your right foot back, create space, and swing down to hit the ball. Being able to hit the ball and get the ball in play is more important than worrying about your follow-through.

You don’t want your hip moving closer to the ball on the swing, which is the biggest problem players have. They try to move their left hip by pushing with their right hip.

Dropping your right foot back prevents this from happening. So, create space and get your left hip out of the way.

The Right Foot Back Drill is excellent; everyone should learn to do it.
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15 thoughts on “Easier To Get Your Left Hip Out Of The Way // Malaska Golf

  1. Worked for me on the range last night with driver. Felt more powerful coming from the inside. Tilting my trail shoulder more at address also helping hit up 4 or 5 degrees increasing carry and length ?

  2. Keeping the right (trail) heel down, rolling on the instep, until impact.. prevents the hip from pushing out. It is impossible to stop that hip pushing out if the heel comes up.

  3. John I can't thank you enough for your generosity in Sharing such valuable information with us. I live in South Florida just west of Fort Lauderdale area have you trained any golf teachers in this area that you would be comfortable recommending not to take business away from you I will continue watching all of your videos but I cannot afford to fly out to your locationn

  4. That’s the 1st thing I do when the swing is going sour on the course.. just drop that trail foot back a few inches.
    If your partner says you weren’t lined up, ask them if they’re a pga professional?

  5. Hi. Just wanted to thank you for the three episodes 1,2 and 3. After spending many hours trying as many training aids as I can afford and watching thousands of videos, I finally found a simple explanation of the golf swing.

    I am 56 years old and I have been practicing Golf for the last 5 years. For the last year I have been a boggy player.

    After watching all three episodes I went out and practice with your tips and hit straight 19 out of 20 balls. Just amazing!!

    Thank you so much,

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