Milo’s Swing In Full Speed And Super Slow Motion

Every once in a while I make a few swings, so thought I'd post one for you to analyze for yourself =).

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16 thoughts on “Milo’s Swing In Full Speed And Super Slow Motion

  1. This confirms a fault in my swing. Your right foot stays flat on the ground through impact. I’ve always raised my trail heel too soon. I would get too much weight on my toes and most all shots were toward the heel of club face. Shanks would happen especially with wedges. I’m trying to rehearse rolling my ankles laterally. Frustrating

  2. Working on your advice given in videos. my swing looks like yours kind of. Is there any way where I can share my swing video with you.

  3. Awesome, textbook PGA quality golf swing. Your hip turn is pure perfection. It seems like I've heard you say that you focus on your arm swing. Well, the reason you can focus on your arms is because your hip turn is so perfect, serves as the power house of your swing, and makes your good arm swing possible. Talk about golfletics!

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