STOP IT NOW! Never slice driver again with this simple tips to ensure the clubface is not open at impact. This drill is the best and easiest fix for slicing driver. No more sliced golf shots. No more sliced tee shots. No more golf worries.

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  1. Thanks, this is gold. Not looking at the ball makes for less stress in the swing, keeping the head still and more center club head strikes.

  2. I’ve been playing for a year and I can never fix my slice.I watched tons of vids on fixing driver slices. They all have titles like this vid, like it’s gonna do wonders. I chanced upon this vid yesterday, felt that it wasn’t really well done as it didn’t show the flight of the ball and I was pretty skeptical. I just finish a session at the range and I tried what he did at 4:50. First shot, dead straight. 2nd shot was straight too. Hit about 20 shots in all. About 3-4 shots slice but nowhere as bad as before. A few draws. About half of them straight. Which is a massive improvement I would say. I wanna give credit due. Subscribed and liked.
    Thank you for this tip.
    Will watch your other videos.
    P.S. I have early hip extension, and also I can’t clear my hip during my downswing. Do you have any videos to correct these 2 problems?

  3. Steve thank you, lost my confidence hitting with the driver but this video was a game changer. Ball flight on lower side with plenty of roll but finding fairway, will keep practicing keep sharing quality content

  4. Great Steve thanks so much for explaining how to release the driver and close the clubface. This drill has finally cured my slice so well done!

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