Easiest Swing Trainer In Golf (Training Aid)

This wonderful swing trainer is used effectively by Brian Sparks and his team of Easiest Swing coaches during their coaching sessions and many golfers go on to purchase one which complements and enhances their progress. In this video Brian tells of Sonny, an 80-year old golfer who reduced his handicap with the help of his Swing Caddy. This swing trainer helps many aspects of your swing from rhythm, timing, acceleration through the ball, increased confidence and it helps golfers to feel and use their best swing more often. A great bi-product is that you won't have to think about your swing any more and we know that research shows that thinking gets in the way of our potential to play consistent golf.

Easiest Swing is all about playing golf in a more natural way and looks to free golfers from contrived and awkward positions in their effort to conform. We believe all golfers have an in-built “Easiest Swing” and way to play, once released from conventional “rules” their golf swing and game becomes more repeatable and comfortable.
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15 thoughts on “Easiest Swing Trainer In Golf (Training Aid)

    1. Kay Tracy
      5.0 out of 5 stars Before You Buy it Know What it’s Supposed to Do. It is a big help.
      Reviewed in the United States on 19 June 2021
      Verified Purchase
      Ball flight is just a byproduct of a power swing. If you can get it to click at the bottom you’ve returned the club face square to the target & have your wrist & hips turned correctly to get the ball into the air. You have to make a complete rotation; so there’s a click at the top when it’s time to stop moving your arms. The “swing” is the same for every club but the force you need to generate to get the ball in the air is greater. More force is created by a faster swing. The faster the swing the less room for error & the more likely you are to top it; hit it fat; or wiff. This has a dial. Hold the weighted end & turn the shaft to change from a wedge to a driver. Age 60 now, I remember starting to play at age 4. I’d play a few years; stop for a decade & play again. This time I started over after 5 yrs due to injury. I know what to do (maintain the plane/arc (see Medicus) & power thru the finish while making your feet, knees, wrists & hands release at the same point. This tool stops you from thinking “left arm straight; knees bent” & jibber-jabber BTW “keep your head down” – only applies until you hear the click. You must move your head up toward the target or you can’t finish the swing properly. When you finally do put a ball in front of you, look at it (dugh) but mentally feel the click you developed in practice. A club pro told me the best way to teach a beginning adult is to leave the ball out of the equation for at least the 1st 30 days so they don’t develop the habit of thinking about the ball & all the little movements- “left arm straight, head down” all at the same time. His wife had never played & didn’t want to. But when he was ready to retire it was learn to play or end up spending less & less time together. In a couple months (when she got over being intimidated by someone who hit a really long ball) she was breaking 100; in 2 yrs, breaking 90. For me, at 60 after a 5 yr hiatus, I used this & Medicus (I left a review there if you really want to know why) for 8-12 weeks as I kept considering getting out of my Covid home-office and going to the range so I could play w/family on June 13th at Poppy Hills in Pebble Beach. I didn’t make it to the range & hit just a few b/c we were late to the tee. The 1st tee shot of the day was straight down the middle; 210 yds right to the landing area setting up a 2nd shot; which I topped & went chunk, chunk, chunk down the fairway. I only counted the good shots & there were at least 2 solid ones every hole & a couple pars. At the end of four days, I was keeping a real score- and didn’t break 100. But, I stayed mostly in the fairway; didn’t slice at all & wiffed just a couple times.

  1. Hello Brian,,I got my swing caddy and really like the feel of it.
    My question is should I try to go as high as I can or just what is comfortable. My speed on it now is 62. Thanks

  2. I just got the hole in one trainer. I can’t seem to make it click above 56 mph. Are the labels about driver or iron are just arbitrary? Should I be trying to get to 110 mph? The higher speeds seems to hurt my wrist. I’m not sure the swing you’re advocating can achieve 110 mph or even 80 or 90

  3. Hi Brian, it seems I can only make it click up to 45 mph (20 m/s). Is that an issue at all? I normally hit my driver about 230 to 240 yards. I’m guessing speed is less important than accurate timing of the clicking sound but wanted to get your thoughts. Thank you as always. Nate from USA

  4. How does this compare to the SwingRite? I currently use the swing rite based on your earlier recommendations. Would you recommend switching and, if so, why? Thanks!

  5. Brian, yes, the Swing Caddy is brilliant. I let you know in another of your videos that I recently bought one. It's a simple golf swing tool that's very easy to use, but it provides very effective swing practice with the feedback of the "click". I try to get in at least 20-30 swings a day. It helps to ingrain your best golf swing so that it feels more comfortable and natural when you take your swing to the course. Thanks again for the Easiest Swing and for the recommendation of the Swing Caddy. Cheers from America!

  6. Brian, thanks for pushing this product so hard. I finally broke down and bought one after watching this vid, and I couldn’t be happier with it. I wish I’d done it years ago, but at age 74 I think I still have a few swings left in me. It really is a great training aid; I see now why you guys are so high on it. Thanks again… ?

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