My Golf Swing Was Never The Same After I Learned This Lesson

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Order your Straight Stick by May 8 to take advantage of this introductory offer! Offer good WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!

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Eric Cogorno Golf says:

Hey guys! SO PUMPED to finally introduce you to the Straight Stick that we have been working on with our partner at Performance Golf for the past year!

I hope you will get yourself one and you love it as much as I do!

Here is the direct link to the sales page:

IF you want to skip a step you can just scroll down to the bottom 🙂

DrMetalpin says:

Such a terrible ordering process. Kept me from wanting the product.

Garry Mitchell says:

😂 I cannot make this click consistently probably 1 out of ten swings I have it on lowest swing setting .
10 handicap

Alex Martino says:

I love your content so I bought this. I'd recommend that they change that landing page. If you recommend it, no need for the longest landing page of all time.

MrSchoug says:

Website looks like a scam! Trying to sell and sell and adding stuff. I didn’t follow your link but my club was $212. Then came the offers on the driver… another $200 but the transaction got declined. 😂

Matt Rehrig says:

Hey Eric… I ordered one but didn’t receive any email confirmation

Just wanna make sure I didn’t mess it up and I actually get my hands on this thing

Jonas Harmon says:

Thank you so much for doing a video about this!!! I've had mixed interactions with performance golf in the past, and the way that they advertise and try to get you to buy more and more so often makes it easy to lose your trust with them. I ordered this club early in April and am so excited to finally receive it this sunday! Having this video has also settled my nerves about it being some sort of scam so a big thank you to you.

Phillip R Jorgensen says:

It’s a golf club with a washer that slides to the bottom of the club when you swing it?

Scott Christie says:

It says on the website i can double my greens in regulation so thats 00!!! 😂😂😂😂

Michael Roller says:

I received my straight stick yesterday. This morning I warmed up with it before I played and all was well. After my round I practiced some more and could only make it click, even at the 60 mph setting on 1 out of 10 swings. Then I noticed the little circle of metal the magnet clicker sticks to was rotated under the shaft. You can see in this video the little metal circle is on top of the shaft. I loosened it and then tightened it back down with the little metal circle oriented on top of the shaft and I was back in business, club clicks at all speed settings. Exhausted from all the failed swings, but happy once again.

Anthony Meese says:

If it doesnt click, how to know if it's due to early release or bad path, cos I'm gauranteed to give it both.

Chris Freitag says:

Tried to order, but they don’t ship to Canada

WilfordBrimleyGaming says:

Can't even access the site after purchase. Said I wanted the driver on one page and no confirmation on that. Emailed support hours ago about not being able to access site, nothing. I'd be more patient if the entire process of buying this thing wasn't sketchy as hell.

Chris Zingler says:

Received mine over the weekend! One thing I noticed is that when I hit it thin it still clicks.

The Extra Point ACT Prep says:

100% agree with 3 most common problems. I see those exact issues with most of my students. Definitely going to gives this training aid a look.

DapperDarrin says:

I bought this because of you and Rocco. But the whole sales approach of this product is really cheesy. The whole “watch this video of Rocco while your username is created” was really a negative experience and dishonest. I believe the product is first class, but a lot of people will not buy this off of instagram as an example because it’s wayyyyy to much information to browse through before purchasing. Lit should be shortened by 60% minimum, and a more modern approach to graphics and information.

Sdd says:

Eric, I have a ten finger grip. Does the grip trainer work for that?

CREAM Abdul-Jabbar says:

Patience of the power. I call it the thrust in the swing. If you’re a bad golfer then you thrust way too early, with body shoulders arms etc trying to overpower the ball. I can see it when you use this the patience. It’s a hard thing to learn but if people could learn when it’s ok to apply these forces that would fix almost everything

BPhife says:

Thanks Eric I bought 6! ⛳🏌️‍♂️

Truth, Life & Fishing says:

If someone said to me, "I am making a golf training aid, who should I work with?" I would have said Eric or Milo Lines. So, great work before the work was even started.

LCR13 says:

What about people from outside the US? There is no option to order it from Australia as an example

Christopher Magnuson says:

This product looks good and you have always put out great videos and endorse things that work but man as people have said this website is so BAD. Really is this to just confuse old timers or what. Plane mate , g box etc. you just buy the product and that’s it. I can only imagine most people won’t even read half the stuff then get suckered by the renewing payment of scratch golf. If anything please Eric have them remove that

Sir BLT says:

My biggest question – is it available in lefty? I didn't see that mentioned on the website, & that was a lot of reading lol

Andy Gillis says:

Hi there, does it work on all grip types, ie interlock/overlap/baseball ?

Bluejeans says:

I’ve seen the advertisement but blew it off as a gimmick but your explanation has changed my mind. Thanks for sharing.

Stevie K says:

Is it the same club for someone that is 6”3 as for someone that is 5”7?

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