EASY Hip Rotation Drill (SACRUM Move!) ? #golftips #golf #milolinesgolf

Here is a great drill and exercise I recommend for those looking for better hip depth and hip rotation in their golf swing! The sacrum move using an exercise ball. Watch the full YouTube I did on this subject here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2jkoW5oJDgQ&t=4s.

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9 thoughts on “EASY Hip Rotation Drill (SACRUM Move!) ? #golftips #golf #milolinesgolf

  1. Milo, I love this drill. Question regarding sequencing. Is it shift left first then rotate that left hip back to the original hip line or is the shift and turn happening at the same time? I have heard some instructors talk about a slight shift right at the start of the backswing, then a turn, then a re centering, then rotate. So shift, turn, shift, turn. Thanks in advance.

  2. I really like this drill! I have been struggling with early extension and flip for years as that is how we were taught in the 80s. I have tried many drills. Started doing this ball drill a couple of weeks ago in a small hotel gym as I am on the road quite a bit now (2nd yr professional caddy)

    I felt immediate results on the range and on the course. The drill gives immediate feedback if you early extend, it helps sequencing and balance. Surprisingly, the drill also discourages my dreaded starting of the downswing by pulling down my hands. Cool!

  3. My 2 Butts swing that is guaranteed to prevent premature extensions.

    Pull the butt of the handle sideways with the equal power of both hands as your butt rolls back and then pull the butt of the handle with both hands equally as your butt rolls in the opposite direction to the finished of your swing. Cheers

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