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EASY tips for INSTANT RESULTS & more relaxed golf
If you want to be more relaxed, less stressed and play better golf by using this very simple quick tips to become much better at golf.

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Hi I’m Rick Shiels, welcome to my channel RickShielsPGAGolf. This YouTube channel is designed to help you play better golf, also to help you enjoy your golf more!

I specialise in golf club reviews, golf club unboxing, golf club news, golf club head to heads, and all about golf clubs.

I also want to make you play better golf by providing coaching video on all topics about golf, how to fix your slice, fix your hook, help you drive the golf ball longer, hit your irons more pure, hit your irons closer to the hole and help you draw and fade your golf shots.
I will also help you lower your score by chipping better by stopping you duff and thin chips, pitch the ball closer and also create backspin. Also I will provide you help to putt better and hole more putts!

On this channel I also make fun and entertaining golf content based on crazy and sometimes “gimmicky” golf clubs. I like to cut through the marketing hype about products and I like to give you the honest truth about golf equipment.

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Rick Shiels Golf says:

Which tip was your favourite? Also drop a LIKE on the video if you enjoyed 🙌

Genevieve Doyon says:

Oh… so you DO have to breathe eh??? 🤔🥴

Richard Croft says:

Excellent points to remember. Tension is a swing / distance killer. 👍🇨🇦👨‍🦳

Keith Hodson says:

All good tips will take onto course this week. The only thing to add is to enjoy the game

Roli Rivelino says:

Great tips, with breathing I use the Zen Golf tip, only ever approach the ball on an out breath and take away on an in breath, this helps with rhythm. Also I've only just started number 2 and not freezing over the ball, that has probably given me the greatest improvement. Lastly with grip, I like the @Danny Maude tip, squeeze it as if it's a tube of toothpaste and you're trying to make the paste come smoothly out of the tube, not dribbling not shooting out.

Great tips, keep em coming!

Howie Land says:

Great tips! Grip pressure is my key; specifically, maintaining the same, relaxed grip pressure in the downswing.

Tom Simpson says:

On the grip pressure tip. Monty used to say he held the grip 3 out of 10 and only at the top of his swing he'd increase that to 7. He also did his pre shot routine of loosening his forearms.

Jack Fellows says:

Nice video Rick, i'm terrible for freezing & tensing up on the first tee shot!

Bas Kooij says:

The tip about the grip is what I struggle with. I tend to try and muscle my shots through. This causes me to tense up the grip and arms during the downswing, which will raise the club off the ground. If you struggle with thin shots (like me), try and keep the tension and grip pressure consistent during the entire swing.

Nick Smith says:

I'm like a bloody ice sculpture before I swing, I'm definitely going to try and be more fluid and relaxed before taking my shot.

Marcus says:

I thought you'd got Bobby Firminho on the video with those pearlers

Gabriel Taylor says:

Ronnie O’Sullivan 🙌

Christopher Christoforou says:

Thanks. I do all that. Now I know why! 🙂

Karen Winnery says:

Playing this morning, will definitely try the dynamic movement as I am definitely in the frozen camp at the moment.

D 4oster says:

I sing to myself when im taking a shot, I can't sing either…💁‍♂️

Jack and Vanicia Adams says:

This is so so true…From a former PGA club pro…this is so critical in hitting consistent golf shots. Awesome tip… Breath!

Overlord says:

Already doing all of this so it wont help me to get better results… shame. Grip pressure there is much simple way to explain it. Hold tube of toohpaste in a way that the toothpaste comes out very slowly and very gently.

Craig Edga4r says:

Great vlog Rick – reminder for good habits💪👍🙂

Buck McAntlerson says:

These tips are so solid. Absolute difference maker.

Janet Thorpe says:

I am new to golf and have found all your videos invaluable. Every time I come off the practice range I will come home and look up on your channel an aspect of my game that needs work so topping or hitting too far right etc and your coaching tips have always had an immediate effect when I put them into practice. I can hit the ball really well on the practice range now yet on the course I can never replicate this……until now! For sure I have been tensing over the ball and literally strangling my club holding the grip too tight. I still have a way to go but these two things made a difference as have all your other coaching videos and I love your simple no nonsense style of delivery. Thank you Rick 👍😀🏌️‍♀️

Brent Bragge says:

Let’s see a Rick Shiels and GM Golf collab!

Bigfella Outdoors says:

Great tips. Someone told me with grip, grip it as tight as you would if you were holding a brand new tube of toothpaste and you are trying to squeeze it just hard enough to get the toothpaste to barely come out of the top

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