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► In this video, Golf Monthly editor Michael Harris offers some tips and tricks for what to carry with you on the golf course. His handy guide will ensure you are covered for every eventuality!

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Golfing Accessories R Us says:

Don't forget winter gloves. It gets pretty cold here sometimes and winter golf gloves are must to keep in your bag.

Frederik Terp says:


Craig Fagan says:

Radiation ??? wheres this lad sunbathing

markfx12 says:

pencil with an eraser is the best wood in the bag!

KiDD ViDD says:

You need clubs, balls, tees, a glove and a ball marker and divot tool. That's it.

yozzsongs says:

Alan Ball no. 8 !

darrennorniron says:

I knew this was going to be out of touch, but flexing about 6 gloves is a hell of a start

Beverly hale says:

Great bag All the storage space I need. Also love the fact that clubs don’t get tangled going in and out of the bag. Another great feature are the cart straps that keep the bag secured to a golf cart.

caleb torres says:

the number i would choose would be 87 for my cousin that passed away in a motorcycle accident and 87 was his football number


54 ball number, obvious reasons.

Michael Dickinson says:

What !!! no toilet roll.

AWMcK_29 says:

Thank you very much I got a golf set this has been very helpful

mc mc says:

Flexing pro v1x’s and gloves

Paul Gault says:

nice to know your a fellow blue

Danny Deakins says:

68 for birth year never seen it used on any courses

Sam Goodhead says:

My number would be 66 because it is my favourite number!

Torsten Sigulsson says:

Im also an Everton fan! Hopefully u get to upgrade your playing number on the balls soon!

Mark L says:

Great video, very helpful for beginners & experienced golfers alike.

Joe Bownes says:

My favourite number is 16 my day of birth PICK ME !!!

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