Every 2023 Driver's Most Iconic Team Radio Moment

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Team radio moments can provide some of the funniest and most iconic moments of an F1 race weekend… so we thought we'd take a look through each driver on the 2023 grid's greatest so far!

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Arav Patel says:

George should have ha he turned in on me

Vyvansegaming says:

wait did it not have danny ric

jettcrush says:

smoothhhhh operatorrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Mag Sports says:

Lovely, simply lovely

DR MUSA says:

How can 2 different racers be the world champion in 1 year?

Amelia.L🐶 says:

Hope I get to meet Lewis Hamilton and Lando Norris because I am a huge fan and love there humour also Roscoe and if they read this I love you guys even though I am only 11 I am a huge fan hope I can meet you soon and thanks for you encouragement to doing what dreams I have love you guys

Gangsta Yoshi says:

What happened to Gasly needing some sausages

~lil tsushi~ says:

norris is such a vibe


traffic paradise!

martin wedel says:

always wondered why they don't have voice-control in the car press 1 button and say whatever they want instead off having to do it manually

Flooo says:

And we instantely start with the embarrassing scandal of AD21.
One of the darkest moments in this "sport"

Fortybelow says:

love what they did with lewis's helmet visor when he won

Saicharan Garrepalli says:

Sainz's has to be the debris radio moment.

Loui LR says:

I'm hanging here like a cow 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Soff Videla says:

can someone tell me the name of all of those GPs? pls

Viviana Valentini says:

Well, CarLando on a superior level even on the radio <3

Remer says:

Bottas has a much more iconic radio moment

Sebastian Krznarić says:

Crofty is part of every iconic radio hahaha

Games of Devil says:

0:09 bro sounds like dream

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