George Ranks the 2023 F1 Tracks

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Every track is different. With its own characteristics. But which ones are George's favourite? And which is he not so keen on… let's see. 👀

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Litetaker says:

Russell trying to not upset the Saudis there, out of concern for his own safety perhaps!

Kaeden Xie says:

I live in Singapore!

iJohn_YT says:

Ooouhh George is making short work of Redbull 😂

m .m says:

where is the istanbulpark ???

Patonholo says:

Interlagos 💚

Nick Mildon says:

How on earth does he put Jeddah as a top track and Hungary not

vettel_fan21 says:

LOL, red bull ring in "meh" because of "red bull". if it was named verstappenring, it would've went straight to the trashcan lmfaooo

bryan says:

nah red bull on trash list is mad disrespectful. Top tier track its fun fast and come on they got a big ass bull in the middle too

The Guardian says:

Having two British drivers in a team is horrible. Sorry George but your pettiness at the Japan GP was pathetic and showed how much you need to grow up

Crystal says:

Surprised to see Marina Bay circuit in Great tier i tot drivers hate this one i am Singaporean 😊

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