Every Shot of Tiger Woods’ First Round | 2022 JP McManus Pro-Am

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Every shots of the Tiger Woods opening round of the 2022 JP McManus Pro-Am at Adare Manor.

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Timothy Mabbott says:

Hole 3 put was missing, I want my money back! 😜

Erich Meier says:

The editing here is fantastic. No BS and the abundance of slo-mo shots is great.

Neo Wick says:

Why can’t NIKE get a shoe together for him?

Rod Conner says:

Love to see him having a good time. Come time for him to get serious — he'll be a completely different beast!!!!

Steve Winter says:

Couple of things to take away…1. Beautiful golf course. 2.the fawning over tiger from the announcers🙄🙄. 3. Poor camera angles for the shots. 4. Is Tiger even having fun?

John says:

This is great. The LIV tour kicked your asses into gear with content. Competition is good!

TJ Pindar says:

Is it always that cold in Ireland this time of year? its July. This golf course looks like Augusta's Irish cousin though, beautiful.

Rafa nO says:

Please do a every shot of Rickie Fowler’s round

Matt Anderson says:

I only watched about 5 minutes of this video, but it looked like he was riding in a cart rather than walking the course. Was that true? If so, I’d say that was a good idea. This tournament is just for fun and raises money for charity. He should save his energy for next week and not walk two weeks in a row. Truth be told, the chances of him doing much at The Open are pretty much nil anyway, but it would at least be nice to see him make the cut and actually finish 4 rounds.

Michael Williams says:

🐅 chances of breaking The Great Jack Nicolas 18 majors just went up now that the Top Golfers have left to Liv. It'll get even better when morikawa, rahm, matsuyama, finau, mcElroy, thomas and sheffler leave for more money. 🤣

High'd Society says:

JUST REMEMBER "The ONE and ONLY, TIGER WOODS!" HE is the ONE and ONLY reason players are leaving to the blood money tour, BECAUSE they can NEVER CATCH his records!

Blake Cramer says:

He’s limping so bad

ゆみす魔王 says:

Why is Tiger playing here? He should be resting his leg for gods sake for ST Andrews. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2009 look I see he has but with a vest.

Mrbigolnuts says:


Eric Bellingham says:

I couldn't cope with the pain and the pity.

golf rep says:

It's painful to watch him walk

Follow Media says:

can someone explain what the purpose of that tee was? 1:17

eddie brown says:

People saying relax, it's just a pro-am. When he's standing over a shot, I promise he's not thinking pro am, pros don't take a swing off. He's trying as hard as ever.
His leg has finished his professional career as far as ever winning again. I'd say one more year of trying possibly, before he retires from competitive golf completely.
He will not go thru the pain if he thinks he has no shot at contending.
But he will still be able to play golf with his kids and his friends, which will mean a lot to him.

roul3688 says:

Haha, “DP World”

Kenji Sumida says:

Great coverage, terrible commentary! "I wish I could have his bank balance?" wtf

mark ibaviosa says:


Robert Bohnaker says:

Tiger’s not a young man in a hurry conquering the World. Seems relaxed just enjoying himself. Why not. He’s a billionaire cruising on tThe Legend.

Ben Roberts says:

Everyone here is saying he's too old and that but unlike some people has made the cut at both the masters and the players this year

Christian Hennessey says:

Imagine if Eldric moved to LIV for 500m….what a story ! ….i wish he would, now he plays of about 5.

Rocky Stellone says:

That leg is still giving him problem

A Q says:

Every shot of Rory vid = 6K views
Every shot of Tiger vid = 12K views
Both in 3 hours on the same channel. nuff said.

Wink says:

People, he's just using that pro-am as a feeler, just to dip his toes in,
once the next big event comes around, he's gonna be back on his game just like everytime
a major tournament rolls around.

J L says:

“I wish I could have his bank balance” 😂

Kerry Mills says:

I counted 5 shots on the 2nd. Did he chunk his third and they didn’t show it?

Gunga Galunga says:

I'm going to Adare tomorrow with my 6 year old.

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