The BEST CLUBS in golf (every part of the bag!)

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22 thoughts on “The BEST CLUBS in golf (every part of the bag!)

  1. Brilliant video Peter, have currently only been playing golf a year now don’t get out as much as I like and two weeks ago have joined a very good club so now I can get out a lot more. Just started lessons to try and get a more consistent swing before being fitted for irons my handicap is currently 20.8 witch isn’t to bad considering I have not played much and my mind is set for the P790’s and the Stealth. Don’t know if I can play the P790’s so hopefully I can on the day of my fitting ??

  2. Have to disagree with a few of these.
    The putter of the year should be the TM spider (the paint job maybe crappy, but the results are not), irons of the year should be the ping i59 irons, I also think the edel wedges should be the wedge of the year as well, the fairway wood of the year should be the tsi2, and the Driver should be the Callaway Epic Speed family of drivers.
    Just my opinion though.
    Any thoughts on shaft of the year? My vote is for the LAGolf shaft the Trono.

  3. I liked the P790s in testing but they are just so expensive. I bought the PXG 0211 DC irons instead. Performed very similarly for me and are half the price. Downside is that they’re cast so potentially less longevity.

  4. All I have to say is F Cobra. Never had a problem with a company I had two driver replacements from Callaway when I broke the head under warranty. I broke my rad speed head less than 6 months after purchase they are refusing to replace it.

  5. I really want to try a Ping G425. I have the G400 but I wasn’t fitted for it… not sure if that’s enough to splash out on a new one though…

  6. I'm still a beginner and I'm using the Inesis 100 set and a fat blade putter ( always Inesis ) with which I'm frankly getting along quite well, but even if I don't think I'll be buying new clubs anytime soon ( I'd like to lower my handicap first and above all learn well all the various types of shots ) I find really useful the way you do the reviews, the fact of comparing the new models with the old ones: for someone at my level it's really nice to have someone who explains things as you do.
    Thanks Peter!

    p.s.: sorry for my other comment on this video… ?

  7. Bought the inesis 500 irons and loving them!

    Decathlon launched some putters that look v good – would be cool to see you review them?

  8. For me it's the tsi3 driver, titleist t200 irons and taylormade mg3 wedges that made it into my bag this year. Putter is a £40 fazer that I've had for 2 yrs now and after trying all the top makes I just can't kick the fazer out of the bag

  9. I would love to hear your thoughts on the Cobra T-rail hybrid irons and if they are worth the investment for someone that struggles hitting their irons but is able to hit the hybrid. Love the content as all ways.

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