NEVER slice your driver again! This is the solution and the method that i prescribe golfers who visit me for a golf lesson in person! IT works EVERY single time! Goflers go from slicing to hitting draws in just 5 shots and NEVER SLICE DRIVER AGAIN I KNOW THAT YOUR SLIVE IS COSTING YOU SHOTS, POSSIBLY MEAN YOU DON'T BREAK 100, BREAK 90 BREAK 80 or even break 75!

When you slice the golf ball you LOOSE distance and it just not the shot we want to hit. NEVER SLICE DRIVER AGAIN and show off to your golf makes with this eye opening golf tip that WORKS!! STOP IT NOW! Never slice driver again with this simple tips to ensure the clubface is not open at impact. This drill is the best and easiest fix for slicing driver. How to stop slicing a driver in out on the golf course

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  1. I am a chronic slicer of the driver. Actually, I call it a power fade cause it will go dead straight for 150-170 yards then make a hard right turn. Usually ending up on the next fairway or rough. This has frustrated me to no end. I’m going to start using your tips at the range and see if I can muster the courage to get back out on the course.

  2. good tips. I discovered for me some grip changes that makes me hit hook, after some changes in the stance i am able to hit 245m (carry+roll) dead straight. I started golf 6 month ago…

  3. I know this is probably going to annoy some of the life-long slicers out there, but I've never had that problem and despite not being a very good golfer, I don't think it's very hard at all to correct a slice. My father, who is 79 years of age sliced about 1/2 of his drives and I was able to explain to him why it was happening and get him to fix it in about 10 minutes lol. Once he understood that it was his club head that was imparting the side spin on the ball because of his swing path, he could visualize the difference between my hits and his (mine are square on the face and dead straight). I think most people who slice the ball and can't fix it, are simply swinging too hard and that's why they can't stop because doing something at full speed makes it much harder to fine tune things.

  4. I'm so confused. Am I supposed to tee up two balls when I hit? Or am I supposed to imagine hitting the first ball and but really hit the second ball?

  5. Superb video. When i dont close the face correctly using the forward stance it results in an horrible slice. I will use the middle ball position for my driver. When i use the middle ball position for my irons and woods i never slice. Thank you

  6. I have to bring the ball position back for my driver and woods as my left leg is shorter than my right but should i do the same with my irons as i cant take divots and if i do its 2 little pieces, thanks alex.

  7. I'm so pleased my golf mate, when we were playing yesterday recommended I visit your channel. I'm so pleased he did. Great first lesson for me on here.

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