GENIUS! – #1 BEST Rotation Drill For Your GOLF SWING

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Some drills just make learning the correct golf swing easier, this is one of those drills. Rotation in the golf swing is key, do it well and the golf swing can be easy, effortless and repeatable and in this video I show you just how to do that

If your rotation is poor you are making the game so much harder, the beauty of this drill is that it will allow you to see exactly what you currently do and makes it incredibly easy to work on the right move

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McV1LLaiN says:

Chris as ive improved you have helped me immensely especially as a taller person named chris. πŸ˜‚

James McNee says:

I have played golf for over 4o yrs and always struggled with a sway had many lessons to no avail. Watched your video and comment on turning your right shoulder back. Best tip I have ever had, works a dream and clears the head about all the different swing thought.
Cheers and thks Jim

Richard Holman says:

I'm 71 with a back injury, but will give it a try. A big thumbs up.

James Park says:

I have quite a flat backswing. I’m told that the club moves round with my turn resulting in getting a bit stuck. I struggle to lift my arms in conjunction with the shoulder turn. Bad shots are hitting a little bit behind the ball or thinning shots especially with fairway woods. Very frustrating πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

Raymond Neal says:


Josh Farr says:

chris your the man! thank you for helping us all so much. i’ve recently been figuring out how to do this very thing and in the last two rounds i’ve seen my strikes improve so much that i’m actually hitting greens with approach shots and there is even a different sound as my ball takes off from the club face🀯🀯🀯 i’ve been watching your content for around two years and can’t thank you enough

Bruce Le Smith says:

everything is great about this video, can't wait to try that shadow exercise to ensure my hips are not sliding / lunging towards or away from the target. thanks!

Ph E says:

Very nicely done, thank you

Saint Chester says:

Would it be simpler to use the β€˜head fixed on a wall’ or β€˜hand on right cheek’ analogies?

Oleg Dobronravov says:

Inventive and cool tips

Tim Dench says:

Excellent! Thanks Chris

ScottC says:

Always brilliant tips and drill. Much thanks always

Shaun Wildenstein says:

Speaking of shadows. Why is it that when I can see my shadow I tend to always come over the top. It really messes with my swing. How do I tune this out?

reddevil7140 says:

"Let the ball get in the way".
Great quote πŸ‘

Duc Tran says:

Illuminating shadow drill! Bravo Chris!

david S says:

Thanks Chris, I love he shadow drill!!!!

Wen Bray says:

Chris, good vid and info. The move off the ball is the most difficult thing for me to master even as a 5 handicapper . Sent my swing to you hope you will check it out and offer suggestions. Thanks

Owen Waggoner says:

3 wood with down hill lie

K Chill says:

Shadow drill is brilliant. Living near Las Vegas this will be used on the range today.

Roy Close says:

Well done Chris πŸ‘ 😊

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